Meet the armed members of CJNG’s Zicuirán Cartel who greet President Obrador in a bold video

The National Guard and the Mexican Army arrested four members of this criminal group who were carrying 13 handmade grenades and other weapons.

In 2019, amidst escalating violence in Michoacán, a bold announcement surfaced on social media. A group of heavily armed men, identifying themselves as members of the Zicuirán Cartel – New Generation (CZNG), declared their presence in La Huacana municipality.

The group’s spokesperson, flanked by hooded men wielding high-caliber weapons, extended greetings to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and other high-ranking officials.

“We greet Mr. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Governor Silvano and Mr. Durazo (former Secretary of Public Security),” he said.

The spokesperson, choosing to remain anonymous, aligned the CZNG with the powerful Jalisco Cartel – New Generation due to its significant influence and financial strength.

A Warning to the Mexican Army

This new cartel faction made a bold statement, warning the Mexican Army against entering La Huacana and adjacent areas under their control. Claiming well-defined territorial boundaries established by their forces, the spokesperson threatened consequences for any military or aircraft intrusion.

Through a video, the Zicuirán Cartel New Generation announced its arrival in Michoacán (Photo: Screenshot).
Through a video, the Zicuirán Cartel New Generation announced its arrival in Michoacán (Photo: Screenshot).

“We give a respectful warning to the armed forces, especially the Mexican Army, to refrain from invading La Huacana and our area, which is perfectly delimited by our boys. We have made an effort to close and shield La Huacana, Zicuirán, Tumbiscatío, Las Cruces, Arteaga and Nueva Italia. We are not responsible for their security,” he declared.

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Seized Weapons and Territory Control

In a blatant defiance of government authority, the cartel claimed possession of secured weapons as part of their inventory, insisting that any captured military personnel would be returned eventually. Their room, adorned with a flag bearing the cartel’s name, indicated a well-established base of operations. The CZNG also asserted control over local governance and police, viewing them as “property.”

The CJNG’s expansion under President AMLO’s administration was highlighted in a study. President López Obrador’s decision to deploy the Army and National Guard for public security until 2024 seemed to provoke this criminal group.

A study pointed to the points by which the CJNG grew under President AMLO's administration. IMAGE: Infobae Mexico
A study pointed to the points by which the CJNG grew under President AMLO’s administration. IMAGE: Infobae Mexico

In response, federal security forces successfully apprehended four members of this cartel faction in March of the same year. Identified as David Olafa Murillo Alejandre, Miguel Angel Valdivias Diaz, Jonathan Ponce Castañeda, and Jesus Alejandro Rojas Rodriguez, they were captured with a significant cache of weapons and explosives. The Attorney General’s Office detailed their capture in Puerta de la Playa, La Huacana, leading to a 13-year prison sentence for violating firearm laws.

CJNG’s Rivalry and Public Appeal

The CZNG’s operation in La Huacana also brought them into conflict with Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy, alias El Migueladas, another criminal leader in the area. In July 2023, the CJNG issued a public statement, appealing to the townspeople and expressing their intent to combat El Migueladas.

“Good evening. I am addressing the people of La Huacana, Nueva Italia, and Zicuirán. This call is for all the innocent people of the town who asked us for support. We are the Jalisco Cartel New Generation, commanded by the boss Chito Cano. We are answering the call of the people who can’t stand ‘El Migueladas’ and his whole bunch of scum,” a hooded spokesperson stated, surrounded by armed men and vehicles.