Meet the character of Alexa Martín in ‘Woman of Nobody’, TelevisaUnivision’s telenovela

alexa martin is one of the stars of “No man’s wife” where he also shares credits with Livia Brito Y Marcus Ornellas. The actress joins the project carried out by Giselle Gonzalez which in turn is an adaptation of the melodrama “Loving you is my sin” that originally starred Yadhira Carrillo.

In fiction, Alexa plays Michelle, a cheerful and attractive young woman, a university student, Fernando’s younger sister. She has a boyfriend whom she loves dearly and despite the fact that he constantly stands her up or cancels her commitments, she justifies it by arguing that her work absorbs him too much and he is a very responsible man.

Her greatest dream is to receive an engagement ring, to be a wife and a mother, to form the family that she did not have after the loss of her father. What Michelle does not imagine is that her handsome boyfriend has a hidden relationship. For Michelle that love will become an obsession, a situation that will lead her to live an unhealthy relationship, where both will hurt each other a lot, so much so that it could even place Your safety and even your own life is at risk.

The cast of the telenovela includes arap bethke, azala robinson, Cynthia Klitbo, Mary Penella, Juana Arias, carmen aub, Roberto Soto, veronica langer, Veronica Merchant, Luis Arrieta, Serge Bonilla, Ignatius Tahan, Henry Singer, Adalberto Parra, Francisco Pizana, Ale Muller, Clarissa Gonzalez, Christel Klitbo, Marco Trevino, Ignatius Riva Palace Y Catherine Lopez.

The adaptation of “Nobody’s Woman” is carried out by Leonardo Bechini, María Elena López and Claudio Lacelli. The literary edition is by José Luis Durán and Rubén Gallardo. The stage direction is provided by Juan Pablo Blanco and Fabián Corres. The direction of cameras is Armando Zafra and Daniel Ferrer.

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