Meet the detailed ending of Netflix’s “365 DNI: That Day”

This time Laura and Massimo are back, stronger than ever, but Massimo’s family obligations and a mysterious man determined to conquer Laura complicate the relationship.

It should be noted that after Laura’s car did not come out of the tunnel at the end of “365 DNI” (“365 Days” in English or “365 days” in Spanish), Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone ) become more passionate than ever in “365 DNI: That day” (“365 Days: This Day”)available on Netflix from April 27, 2022.

It seems that the couple’s new life in “365 DNI: That Day” is complicated by the family ties of Massimo Torricelli and a mysterious man willing to win Laura’s heart and trust, whatever the cost.

Explanation of “365 DNI: That day”

The wedding of Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel in “365 DNI: That day” Adriano Torricelli threatened to kill Laura at the end of “365 DNI: That day”

Apparently “365 DNI: That day” begins with the marriage and honeymoon of the main couple, therefore, it does not show what happened in the tunnel and how they managed to rescue Laura.

But eventually, it is revealed that it was an attack by Massimo’s enemies and caused the baby’s death that Laura expected. To avoid a war, she prefers to hide the latter.

At first Massimo and Laura enjoy their marriage, she cannot bear that her husband has her under surveillance and that he does not allow her to do anything. Although she spends a lot of time with her best friend Olga, who is engaged to Domenico, she needs more freedom.

But that’s not all, because it also bothers her that, despite being married, Massimo continues to hide secrets from her, such as the existence of a brother. Laura tries to talk about it, but her husband refuses to discuss it.

Everything gets worse when during a party, Laura discovers that he is cheating on her with Anna, his ex-partner. Disillusioned and furious, Laura seeks out the handsome gardener she met days ago and asks him to take her somewhere away from Massimo.

On the other hand, Nacho invites her to his house in Spain, where they begin to get closer romantically. Meanwhile, Michele Morrone’s character desperately searches for his wife.

Despite the attraction she feels for Nacho, Laura does not stop thinking about Massimo and begins to notice that her new friend also hides some secrets. Her suspicions are confirmed when Nacho reveals that he is the son of Fernando Matos, an enemy of the Torricellis, and that their meeting was not a coincidence.

Something shocking is that near the end of “365 DNI: That Day” it is also revealed that Massimo did not cheat on Laura and that it was all a plan by Anna and Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother. They are accomplices of Nacho and intend to blackmail the boss of the Sicilian mafia to give his place to his evil twin.

The meaning of the end of the film

Adriano Torricelli threatened to kill Laura at the end of “365 DNI: That day”

Fernando Matos wants to use Laura to get Massimo out of business, while Adriano just wants to take revenge on his brother for being born first and take away everything he thinks belongs to him, so he takes his sister-in-law to another place.

That is why when Massimo and Nacho, who fell in love with his enemy’s wife, realize they join forces to rescue Laura, who upon seeing Adriano in the eye realizes that he is not her husband and after the appearance of Anna, you understand that you fell into a trap.

It should be noted that having his brother face to face, Adriano does not hesitate to torture him, revealing that Laura lost her son because of the Matos. Laura takes advantage of this situation to escape from her, but before she can run into the arms of her husband Anna, she shoots her in the back. In response, Nacho shoots that woman and Massimo, his twin. And so ends “365 DNI: That day.”

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