Meet the hotel in Malibu where Bob Dylan wrote one of his best albums

Bob Dylan lived in this hotel during the 70’s

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Currently, any tourist or music fan can stay in room number 13 of the Hotel June on Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, where the renowned Bod Dylan wrote one of his best albums: ‘Blood on the Tracks’.

This Hotel it was built in the 1940s by a couple. The venue became Malibu’s first hotel and was initially called the Malibu Riviera Motel.

Currently the new owners of the place are Shaun Gilbert and Sam Shendow. They both try to keep the interesting history alive to attract new guests. The hotel came into his hands in 2015 when it was sold by one of the sons of the couple who built the Malibu Riviera Motel.

Both say that Dylan decided to stay in this place after he separated from Sara Dylanwho was his first wife. The separation process of the singer and the actress occurred in the 70s.

People say that Dylan lived in room number 13 of this hotel. for quite some time, which he also used to continue creating. Being there where he wrote the songs that are part of his 15th album.

For some music critics ‘Blood on the Track’ is Dylan’s best album and it would make sense if you take into account the moment the musician was going through when he wrote it.

One of the main characteristics of this hotel is its privacy, considered a fairly minimalist hotel. Its new owners also ensure that in room 13 there is a good vibe that helps to create, offers the possibility of isolating oneself.

Adding to Dylan’s story is how complicated the last few years have been. The son of the couple who built the place had to sell it because it was not having a good timefrom the beginning he knew what Gilbert and Shendow’s intentions were.

The new owners made some repairs and three years after the purchase decided to open their doors under the name of Native Hotel.

In the same 2018 the hotel suffered serious damage after the Woolsey fire, which had all of California on alert for several days. For these reasons the hotel closed again and underwent renovations again, in 2021 it reopened its doors under the name of Hotel June.

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