Meet Wendy Guevara, famed for ‘Estamos Perdidas,’ and confirmed for ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

The influencer became famous for a viral video she recorded with one of her friends, for which she acquired the nickname "Las Perdidas".

This week it was confirmed that influencer Wendy Guevara will be part of the long-awaited reality show “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico.” Although after her presentation, she caused a lot of buzz on social networks such as Twitter, where she received support from her followers, other people wondered who she was because although she is well known on digital platforms, she is still not very popular among viewers who will be watching this show.

Who is Wendy Guevara?

Even though some people may not recognize her, they could get a good look at her by watching the”Estamos Perdidas” video that went viral in 2017. In that clip, a appear couple of trans women saying that they accompanied some men into the bush and then abandoned them. Both stood out because they took it with a lot of humor despite being in a dangerous situation. After all, while narrating the situation, they made some jokes.

After that video was shared on different platforms and reached television, the two women began to stand out as “Las Perdidas.” Their true identity was revealed: Wendy Guevara and Paola Suarez, who took advantage of their popularity to start making content on Facebook and Youtube, where they not only appeared with their friends as Kimbely “La Más Preciosa,” who also became one of the favorites.

In addition to becoming very famous with the live videos she recorded on her official accounts, the content creator also stood out by becoming a viral meme, which stood out due to her displeased face. The 29-year-old has become one of the favorites of internet users, as they consider her funny and sincere since she always shows her true personality and is very transparent when it comes to speaking; for that reason, she has a lot of support on social networks.

Although she has admitted that for a while, she was a sex worker in her native León, Guanajuato, Wendy is currently dedicated to giving shows in bars and nightclubs in Mexico. She has also started a career in music because she released the songs”Putssy,” “Tu Malandrito,” and “Hasta Que Salga el Sol,” to mention a few. Now, she will venture into television through the reality show ” La Casa de los Famosos Mexico,” where she will be alongside Raquel BIgorra and Paul Stanley.

The influencer is a member and creator of Las perdidas Photo: Especial
The influencer is a member and creator of Las Perdidas Photo: Especial

The last time Wendy was in the spotlight was when she murdered Kevin Kaletry during the presentation of one of her new projects, which unfortunately was suspended due to the event that shocked the other members. The influencer wanted to start a comedy series, which she put on hold because some members no longer wanted to participate.