Meet Young Miko, the Puerto Rican artist breaking stereotypes in the trap and urban music

Learn about the rising star of Latin American trap, Young Miko, breaking stereotypes through activism, gender inclusion, and powerful lyrics. Her journey from SoundCloud to stardom.

Regulars in the trap world will not be unfamiliar with the name Young Miko, as she is one of the excellent references who has recently collaborated with Feid. Thanks to Classy 101 with Feid, Young Miko has become a trend this March 31; however, the “trapper” has been making noise for some time.

Whether for her lyrics that break the traditional genre, talking about sexuality and gender, her activism for the LGBT population, or her love of anime.

Young has captured the attention of new generations, and some Latin American beat veterans.

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Young Miko (@itsyoungmiko)

Who is Young Miko?

Young Miko, whose real name is María Victoria Ramírez, was born in Añasco, Puerto Rico; she is currently 24 years old and is one of the youngest artists on the scene.

Since she was a child, Young Miko has been interested in music, singing in an amateur way, recording in her room, and uploading her songs to free platforms such as SoundCloud.

However, she would not see this hobby as a career until 2021, at 22, when she released her first track, 105 Freestyle.

This was followed by Vendetta, in collaboration with Villano Antillano, and finally Katana, with Leebrian; ending 2021 as one of the most listened-to women in Puerto Rico.

In 2022 she continued to reap success by releasing “Trap Kitty,” her first album, off of which Riri and Puerto Rican Rican Mami were released, which only increased her popularity.

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Young Miko (@itsyoungmiko)

Latin America’s most prominent names recognize young Miko.

While Young Miko already had a good fan base, in addition to essential collaborations, her fame exploded when she appeared on Bad Bunny’s latest tour.

During one of Bad Bunny‘s concerts in Puerto Rico, the singer brought Young Miko up to perform Riri to the audience’s euphoria.

This catapulted his reproductions on all streaming platforms to the extent that his song Lisa went viral on TikTok.

Currently, Young Miko generates around 800 thousand plays on Spotify per month.

However, it didn’t stop there, as collaborations with Archangel and Feid followed, which was released on the last day of March 2023.

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Young Miko (@itsyoungmiko).

Young Miko and her activism

Something that has drawn much attention to Young Miko, and that breaks with the stereotype of the urban genre, is his activism with the LGBT population and feminism.

Trap, Reggaeton, and others are considered offensive genres, but Young Miko believes they can empower women and LGBT people.

She talks openly about sexuality and the role of women in their songs.

Affirming that this can be a space for people to be themselves and feel confident and assertive.

With information from Young Miko.