Meghan Markle broke the protocol and the video goes viral after her arrival at Windsor Castle

The former actress Meghan Markle was surprised by approaching to greet those present – Photo: Kirsty O’Connor-WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle this Saturday was once again the center of attention for accompanying Prince Harry in a moment as complex as the physical departure of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday.

However, it was not the only thing that perplexed those who attended because one of the most anticipated moments was the reunion between William with Kate Middleton and Harry with his wife, a fact recorded after a few years of tension and without treatment. between the brothers. However, they had to put their differences aside because the death of Queen Elizabeth II caused them to have a public rapprochement again.

Amid the awkward moment recorded for history, Meghan was determined to get closer to the crowd They had been standing there for hours waiting for them to come out. Subsequently, she was very close to them, and thus she began to greet them.

What was special was that it broke royal protocol and it is that there was a particular young woman who called her and the Duchess of Sussex approached her in a very kind way, after talking they shook hands and gave each other a big hug that has undoubtedly moved many, images that have given her around the world.

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The 14-year-old teenager did not stop showing great surprise at having her so close, so she asked Markle to offer her a show of affection that remained for history. On social networks, many comments were generated, and several assured that the Duchess also needed it.

According to royal protocol, such acts with other citizens are prohibited. However, many after this have mentioned that this gesture showed her humility amid a controversy she faced after saying they disagreed with many things about that family a few months ago. For this reason, on social networks, they have ensured that she is a very good “actress” and “hypocrite.”