Melenie Carmona humiliated by parents

  • Alicia Villarreal’s daughter impresses with her beauty wearing a daring red dress
  • Melenie Carmona looks very sensual in her photo, but something goes wrong
  • Her parents end up embarrassing her in front of everyone

Daughter Alicia Villarreal Melenie Carmona embarrassed. There is no doubt that the daughter of Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmona has inherited the beauty of both and has known how to show it off on social networks. The young model Melenie Carmona has captivated her followers with shocking photos that show that she is no longer a girl, but her parents think otherwise.

It was through her Instagram account that the 22-year-old shared a couple of photos with her millions of followers where she shows off her beauty with a daring red dress. The temperature immediately rose, as her fans showed up to praise the model who bears an incredible resemblance to her mother, but something goes wrong.

Daughter of Alicia Villarreal, Melenie Carmona was embarrassed by her parents

PHOTO: Instagram

It is worth mentioning that Alicia Villarreal’s daughter, Melenie, constantly shares snapshots on her profile where she boasts her great beauty wearing different outfits that make her look quite sexy, for this reason she has more than 260 thousand followers on her social network account, who are aware of what you publish.

For a teenager there is nothing more embarrassing than being ridiculous in front of their friends because of their parents, and it is also well known that parents flatly refuse to see their children grow up. Melenie happened something similar when she shared her snapshots in which she looks sensually attractive.

Was what they said to Alicia Villarreal’s daughter, Melenie Carmona, something humiliating?

Was it something humiliating?  what they told Alicia Villarreal's daughter Melenie Carmona when she was embarrassed
PHOTO: Instagram

While the young model tried to captivate her followers with sensual poses and a heart attack outfit, wearing a tiny red dress with a low-cut opening that made her look more radiant, but the parental love came out in the comments from Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmona.

It was in the comments of the post where Melenie Carmona’s parents ’embarrassed’ their daughter with a couple of messages that reveal the concern of a mother or father for their children. Although there are those who see it as something humiliating, many see it as something nice that their parents are aware of the young model.

“Cover yourself a little,” says Arturo Carmona to his daughter and Alicia Villarreal, for which she was ashamed

PHOTO: Instagram

In the comments, the singer from Monterrey, Alicia Villarreal, first wrote, mentioning how beautiful her daughter looks, but a final comment provoked the laughter of the users who also left their opinion about it: “Precious my doll! Wear a sweater”, the singer placed in the post of the model.

For his part, his father, Arturo Carmona, wrote: “@meleniecarmona spectacularly beautiful my girl !!!! Guapisisisma !!!! But cover yourself a little, hahahahaha. I love you ”, to which they immediately told him:“ Very good because you are a jealous Dad and protect that way it should be ”,“ you got the Pedro that you carry inside ”, were the messages from the fans.

Compliments rained down on Alicia Villarreal’s daughter after being embarrassed by her parents

Compliments rained down on Alicia Villarreal's daughter after being embarrassed by her parents
PHOTO: Instagram

Internet users were immediately present in the comments of Melenie Carmona’s publication, where she shows off her incredible beauty in a tiny red dress. The compliments and compliments were immediate and revealed the great similarity that both mother and daughter have, so far it has more than 7 thousand reactions.

“Very pretty. Where did you buy your shoes? They are super cool “,” what a beautiful doll! Do you want to be my stepdaughter? “,” My future mother-in-law would say “I am at your service”, “every day more beautiful”, “you are so breathtakingly beautiful that you even scare me”, “so beautiful and perfect woman”, “you are very pretty Melenie ”, were some comments.

Melenie Carmona appears in a daring bikini

Melenie Carmona appears in a daring bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

Previously, through her Instagram account, the 22-year-old had shared a series of images where she showed how she enjoyed her vacation on the beach in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Melenie has stood out for showing her great beauty in a sensual way.

The young model, in addition to showing how much fun she has on her vacations, also takes the opportunity to delight the pupil of her followers, showing off her statuesque figure in a daring red and black bikini. Arturo Carmona’s daughter appears posing for the camera in a rather sexy way.

He already generated controversy by appearing in a bikini

He already generated controversy by appearing in a bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

A few months ago the teenager was involved in a controversy, after publishing an image with a message confirming that she was sexually abused by a relative, in that post Arturo Carmona’s daughter tells a story of how the events happened in what is was affected.

Immediately, the 22-year-old was supported by her family, especially her father who mentioned being there for his daughter at all times and that he would be supporting her at this difficult time at her young age. The problem did not happen to majors and quickly that subject was forgotten. Filed Under: Daughter Alicia Villarreal Embarrassed

His father also reacts to this post

 His father also reacts to this post
PHOTO: Instagram

The compliments and compliments were present, as Melenie Carmona shows off her statuesque body in a tiny bikini while enjoying a sunset on the beach. One of those who commented on the publication was his own father Arturo Carmona, who went out of his way for his daughter.

“So or more beautiful. You are beautiful my love. I Love You My Beautiful Girl ”, commented the artist in the images shared on the model’s social network profile. Without a doubt, the daughter of Alicia Villarreal has become a celebrity on social networks, for dazzling with her beauty. Filed Under: Daughter Alicia Villarreal Embarrassed

“Very beautiful like her mother”

PHOTO: Instagram

Melanie Carmona has impressed her followers with her impressive physique, and at such a young age she has already earned a place in the hearts of her fans who admire and idolize her: “This girl is perfect, not only physically, she is polite and kind. Her parents did a good job, “said one user.

“A cute little heart doll”, “How beautiful ”,“ You are beautiful, ”“ Very beautiful like her mother ”,“ Very beautiful and more here in Mazatlán ”,“ Super pretty, greetings ”,“ Very beautiful, take care of yourself, precious ”,“ Super pretty and distinguished lady ”,“ Beautiful with body power Melanie greetings ”, were some comments. Filed Under: Daughter Alicia Villarreal Embarrassed

Melenie Carmona boasts a great body posing on the beach

show off great body
PHOTO: Instagram

Previously, Melenie Carmona, daughter of the famous Monterrey singer Alicia Villarreal, raised the temperature in her social network account by sharing a photo where she boasts her statuesque figure in a heart-stopping bikini, while enjoying a day at the beach.

The 22-year-old girl published a heart attack image through her Instagram profile, which has left her followers open-mouthed, after she was shown in a tiny black two-piece swimsuit that makes her look spectacular, plus that bikini leaves little to the imagination. Filed Under: Daughter Alicia Villarreal Embarrassed

He enchants his followers with his daring photos

Enchants his followers
PHOTO: Instagram

In the photograph, Melenie Carmona mentions that what she misses the most is visiting the beaches of Mexico, in this case it is Cozumel, Quintana Roo, which is where she is in the snapshot, in addition to writing a question that says: “What is your beach favorite in Mexico?

Several followers commented on the post answering the question that the young woman asked, but also the compliments and compliments were present, highlighting that her fans were delighted with her hips that she boasts in that black bikini: “What You are beautiful and what beautiful hips and beautiful legs you have love ”. Filed Under: Daughter Alicia Villarreal Embarrassed.

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