Melissa Paredes and her notorious annoyance: Milena Zárate criticized LIVE her relationship with a dancer

Melissa Paredes She could not hide her discomfort when Milena Zárate criticized her relationship with Anthony Aranda live because, according to the Colombian, despite the little time they have been together, they are exposing themselves a lot and “Speaking of major words” for saying that they are in love.

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It all happened after the issuance of a note in which Jorge Cuba, Rodrigo Cuba’s father and daughter’s grandfather, assured that he would not say anything about the model “neither for nor against” out of respect and revealed that he has spoken with Rodrigo to take things easy with Ale Venturo.

“It seems like the right thing to do and obviously the family will always want them to be well (…) But I really agree with what the father says. I believe that things have to be taken calmly, the separation from you has been too scandalous “, He said.

At that time, she was interrupted by ex-miss Peru who specified: “But it is what you have seen (the controversial part)”; However, the Colombian continued: “It is what has been seen on television and I think they should take things calmly”.

Edwin Sierra’s ex-partner explained the reason for his comments: “You involve people in your life and in the end they end up being harmed. I think they should take their time and take things slowly, have a good time, get to know each other; but to get to the point of making a person official and talking about bigger words, a couple, love and I love you and I don’t know what, I think it’s too soon … But it’s my point of view “. Meanwhile, the cameras focused on Melissa Paredes, who could not hide her expression of annoyance at what the singer said.


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