Melissa Paredes and Susy Díaz got together to dance “Melissa’s diet” in “Women in command” | VIDEO

Melissa Paredes She surprised more than one when she was introduced as the new host of Latina’s “Mujeres al Commander” program, where she will share roles with Giovanna Valcárcel and Thaís Casalino.

On her first day as the official host of the entertainment space, the production arranged for Melissa to star in a hilarious reunion with comedian Susy Díaz.

In this meeting, the ex-wife of Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba took advantage of the moment to face the former congresswoman for launching ‘her diet’ after the ampay that she starred in with the dancer Anthony Aranda.

The actress of the well-remembered soap opera “Ojitos hechiceros” assured that she does not hold a grudge against Florcita Polo’s mother for popularizing her “diet” on different social networks.

“Susy, good morning, today you are going to give me your diet. I met you at the door and greeted you, I am zero grudges, I am fine like that, and then I remembered that I had said the ‘Melissa diet’ “, Paredes commented upon seeing Diaz.

“Look, I love you a lot, I love you, but how is that of the ‘Diet of Melissa'”, Melissa added with a mischievous laugh.

Finally, the meeting of Melissa Paredes and Susy Díaz ended with a dance starring both personalities on the set of “Women in command.”


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