Melissa Paredes does not hold a grudge against ‘Gato’ Cuba and Ale Venturo: “We all deserve to be really happy”

ACCEPT HIS ROMANCE. Melissa Paredes also spoke in ‘Mujeres al Mando’ about the sentimental relationship that her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo have already started. Firmly, the model also shouted her love for the dancer Anthony Aranda and gave details of how all their love began.

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Regarding the fact that the ‘Cat’ Cuba is in love again, Melissa Paredes only had words of happiness for the footballer, wishing him the best.

“If Rodrigo falls in love again, what would you say to him?” Thais Casalino asked him, to which Melissa Paredes responded in a smiling way. “May I be happy, everyone in this life deserves to be really happy.”


Melissa Paredes also spoke about her romance with the dancer Anthony Aranda, with whom she confessed to being completely in love in a month of relationship.

“He saved me, in all the ways you can save someone. I did not ask them to take some pictures of me, that moment was really wonderful, but it was very tainted by everything that was said and talked about. Only he and I know why I tell you it was so beautiful, “he said.

Along these lines, the model revealed that her ampay with the ‘activating kitten’ caused her to lose very close friends, but she stated that it was not pain that she felt.

“Very self-centered, no pain, when one feels pain it is different, yes, I had a friend who lost it. Can you believe that we were going to wait until December to be together because in December I was going to get divorced, it was already spoken. We were going to wait, they weren’t going to say she was married there, “she said.