Melissa Paredes faced Susy Díaz for launching a diet about her separation

Melissa Paredes and Susy Díaz met again on the set of “Women in command” and the actress took the moment to face the former congresswoman for launching “her diet” after the ampay she starred in with Anthony Aranda.

The actress of “Ojitos sorcerers” assured that she does not hold a grudge against Florcita Polo’s mother for popularizing her “diet.”

“Susy, good morning, today you are going to give me your diet. I met you at the door and greeted you, I am zero grudges, I am fine like that, and then I remembered that I had said the ‘Melissa diet’ “Paredes commented upon seeing Díaz entering the set.

However, Melissa Paredes took the opportunity to question Susy for launching her ‘diet’. “Look, I love you a lot, I love you, but how is that of the ‘Diet of Melissa'”, he said to Susy.

Faced with this, the former congresswoman defended herself and explained that it was actually a friend of hers who created the popular phrase: “Melissa’s diet: the one that ends you and does not warn you.”

“I’m going to tell you who gave me the diet. A friend invited me to dinner, he said I have a good one for you to put on. I had another soft one for you, I’m going to tell you: ‘Melissa’s diet after doing it makes you laugh’ “, commented.


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