Melissa Paredes for ‘ampay’ and Yahaira Plasencia for ‘roche of the year’ swept Ranking Trome

Finally the big day arrived and Melissa Paredes, Yahaira Plasencia, Gisela Valcárcel and Daniela Darcourt swept the ‘Ranking Trome 2021’ votes.

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Melissa Paredes and her ‘activator dancer’ obtained 773 votes as ‘The ampay of the year’, followed by Yahaira Plasencia hidden in the trunk of a car with 715 votes as the ‘Roche of the year ‘.

Another of the most voted categories was’ Susy Díaz’s most popular diet ‘: Melissa Paredes’, the one that ends and does not notify you, with 661 votes.

They also won: The sauce boat of the year: Daniela Darcourt (532 votes) The fight of the year: Gisela Valcárcel and Allison Pastor (468 votes)

The imitation of Lapadula: Carlos Álvarez (452 ​​votes)

Driver of the year: Magaly Medina (344 votes)

Cumbiambero of the year: Bryan Arámbulo (304 votes)

Most popular hand request: Ethel Pozo crying for her ring in a pool (268 votes).

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And since Trome always meets her readers and we reward them for their preference, the ‘lecherazos’ who took a smart TV home are:

José Alberto Capcha with ID 21087319

Melisa Müller with ID 70093183

Grecia Herrera with ID 72145354 ′


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