Melissa Paredes passed roche LIVE when Giovanna Valcárcel asks her: “Is your love from summer?”

SHAME HAPPENED. True to style, Melissa Paredes She threw a tremendous hint LIVE to Rodrigo Cuba by dancing and singing “Everything has its end” by Héctor Lavoe, however, she did not imagine that Giovanna Valcárcel was going to ‘troll’ her. The model appeared on the program ‘Mujeres al Mando’ as a new television host.

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It all started when Valcárcel was about to present the supposed love affair of Flavia Laos with Jay Alvarrez and he emphasized that people fall in love in the summer.

“It is fashionable, something has happened with the sun that people began to fall in love”he said with a laugh. Without realizing it, Melissa Paredes supported him and assured that it is about “summer loves.”

This caused the driver Giovanna to be surprised and clarified immediately what the term meant.

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“Summer loves are some that only last in summer, is your love summer?”, he stressed. Totally embarrassed, Melissa Paredes replied.

“Summer loves, only God knows, that’s the way things are, you never know what it could be,” said the actress about her romance with dancer Anthony Aranda. “I like that, you have to give love to God”, managed to say his driving partner.


Melissa Paredes reappeared on television screens as the host of the program ‘Mujeres al Mando’ that is broadcast on Latina. The model showed off dancing and with a smile on her face to accompany Thais Casalino and Giovanna Valcárcel.

“Hello, hello, good morning, Peru, a huge kiss from here, happy to meet again with you dear public and happy to accompany you as a partner in Mujeres al Mando. Excuse me, but today I’m stealing the show”, said the also actress.


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