Members of “La Luz del Mundo” are accused of intimidating US and Mexican prosecutors

They accuse the members of “La Luz del Mundo” of intimidating US and Mexican prosecutors.

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The Church of the Living God Column and Support of Truth, The Light of the World, is involved in one more controversy; During a hearing in Los Angeles, California, they denounced that the members and lawyers of Naasón Joaquín García have intimidated US and Mexican prosecutors.

According to Univision, the legal defenders of the church leader, Naasón Joaquín García, flatly denied the accusation and they branded it as a “theater” belonging to the “Wonderland”.

They also pointed out that everything they have prepared as lawyers they have done only to present evidence in favor of their client that he is being accused of sexual abuse of minors, child pornography and rape.

The charges filed against Naasón Joaquín García have even been classified by the defendant’s lawyers as slander, for which he has pleaded not guilty on more than one occasion, however, he remains in a Los Angeles jail waiting to be brought to justice. He held his trial on May 9, 2022.

The same media also announced that the prosecutor leading the case, Patricia Fusco, pointed out before the Los Angeles Superior Court that the complainants have suffered unstoppable harassment for months, which has escalated to former prosecutor Amanda Plisner, as well as officials of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and warned them that the latter are in danger since their names were published by Joaquín García’s lawyers.

“We have had Mr. García’s people harassing and trying to harass victims. We have church members in and out of court, your honor, trying to harass and privacy prosecutors”Said Plisner.

It also pointed out that this case has caused a host of problems “pertinent to security and in an attempt to intimidate witnesses and now it has been extended to prosecutors and this behavior only on the part of Mr. García and his people ”and added that apparently the defendant’s lawyers have also participated in similar conduct.

The aforementioned media also detailed that a group of people called the “guards” of La Luz del Mundo who intimidate the witnesses upon their arrival at the site, thus causing fear and uncertainty.

Patricia Fusco went further and stated that Mexican authorities have also been victims of intimidation: “They have also tried to intimidate a Mexican prosecutor despite the order that this court gave.”

After this series of acts, a sanction has been requested for not following due process.

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