Memes of Samuel García “lost” in Nuevo León

Samuel Garcia Sepulveda became a trend on Twitter once again, but now for a small video fragment in which the Governor of Nuevo Leon monitors the streets of Monterrey.

After the intense rains that have fallen in the area recently, the president published a video that has gone viral since the particularity of this content is his face and the moments of silence he starred in.

Well, users interpreted the images as if I was lost and confused since he turned to see everywhere, apparently disoriented and without explaining what was happening.

American Post News announced that these Samuel García memes had become a way to go viral on social networks. These are the most viewed.

Samuel Garcia Memes Videos

Immediately the video went viral on networks and various comments revolved around it because they placed different headlines in which they referred to different moments of daily life, mainly with comic overtones, in which a person is perplexed.

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How long will Governor Samuel Garcia last?

Each governor of Monterrey, Nuevo León, has a 6-year candidacy

Each governor of Monterrey, Nuevo León, has a 6-year candidacy. Remember that it started in 2021, so there are still more opportunities to make memes of this unique ruler.