Men steal $17,000 gaming machine from Chicago gas station

the police of Chicago looking for two men they stole a gaming machine with $17,000 dollarsof an establishment, located in a gas station in Northside.

Thieves They were caught on the store’s security camera. where you can see how the two men take the machine with the help of a wheelbarrow, where they put it up and then leave the business and flee.

The machine had $17,000 dollars

Lmachine stolen with $17,000 dollars toinside, it is used to pay the winnings of the games to the clients of a service station, located in the 6200 N. Clark St., EdgewaterDistrict in Illinois.

The events were recorded after 3:00 am, when one of the thieves was caught entering the establishment through the back door, followed by his accomplice.

An employee of the gas station indicated that the second suspect entered with the wheelbarrow, where they later placed the machine with the $17,000 dollars inside.

They ripped the machine from the wall

The suspects ripped out the machine that was attached to the wall, then put it in the yellow wheelbarrow.

One of the thieves made a move that let it be seen that he was armedaccording to the images captured by the security cameras of the business.

The suspects loaded the gaming machine into the vehicle they were driving, which was parked in the back of the gas station.

Following the complaint, the police Northside conducted the search for the suspects and the machine.

Police found the stolen machine

After an extensive search, officers found a slot machine at 3500 W. Peterson Street that appears to be the one stolen from the police station.

So far the authorities None of the suspects have been arrested.but the search has not been suspended.

Speaking to WGN News, the manager of the service station believes that one of the alleged thieves went to the business a day before the robbery, to inspect the area and the movements in the place in order to plan the theft of the machine.

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