Mencho Special Forces: These are the 20 assassins who protect the leader of the CJNG

VIDEO: Mexican soldiers were near the Mencho of the CJNG and assassins attack them

Photo: Video capture / DEA / Courtesy

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantesbetter known by his nickname of the “Mencho” and for being the maximum leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), became the number 1 target of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA for its acronym in English), when the Mexican drug trafficker was brought to trial Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in the U.S. Currently, Chapo is serving a life sentence and the CJNG is fighting with him. Sinaloa Cartel through the most important squares of Mexico, U.S Y Canada. Given this, the Mencho is guarded by his escort assassins night and day, no one blinks to avoid surprises from rival groups or the Federal Forces. But who are the Mencho Special Forces?, how many assassins take care of it? Here the details.

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According to the newspaper UNIÓN Jalisco, the main factor that has allowed Nemesio Oseguera to remain free and outwit the police, military and marines, has been the cell called FEM, whose acronym stands for Mencho Special Forces. The FEM It is made up of 20 assassins and is part of the GDelta Group or Elite Group who receives special training within the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Why are these assassins so special?

One of its most important characteristics is that these gunmen are only dedicated to security tasks for their leaders and move in at least two armored vehicles to the maximum; that is, they are cars modified by hand by the CJNG’s trusted mechanics and engineers, known as “monster” units. Among its adaptations, the turrets stand out, in which a M2 Browning automatic machine gun, caliber .50one of the most powerful weapons held by the Mencho cartel.

The Elite Group is made up of gunmen with paramilitary training and his task is to finish off his rivals regardless of the form or the level of violence.

The attacks

To give us an idea, the 20 assassins who protect Nemesio Oseguera are related to the collapse of a military helicopter, which occurred in 2015, in the municipality of Villa Purificación, in the state of Jalisco. It is known that the person responsible for the attack was Heleno Madrigal Virruetaalias ‘el 20’, who is one of those in charge of protecting Mencho and one of his most loyal gunmen.

By the way, ‘el 20’ is the regional leader of the plaza of the entire South Coast of the state of Jalisco, an area in which El Mencho supposedly hides. In addition to the FEM, the Mexican authorities identified 36 armed arms of the CJNG that confront the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), al Northeast Cartel (CDN) on the northern border of the country; already the United Cartels in the violent state of Michoacán.

These 36 criminal cells are also linked to 34 percent of the intentional homicides registered in Mexico in recent years. The United States is concerned about the increase in CJNG operations on the Mexican border and in North American states such as Californiaby an armed group identified as “los Cabos”.



He boasts covers of Juanga, such as “Eternal love” and “I would like to know” on his YouTube account; she is the niece of Ovidio and stepdaughter of Julio César Chávez Jr.

Frida Guzmán daughter of Edgar Guzmán López and granddaughter of <a class=Chapo Guzmán.” src=””>
Frida Guzmán daughter of Edgar Guzmán López and granddaughter of Chapo Guzmán.

PHOTO: FRIDA GUZMÁN NETWORKS / COURTESYFor:The opinion Updated 07 Feb 2022, 7:04 am EST laopinionla laopinionlaTheOpinionLA

the young Frida Sofia Guzman, granddaughter of drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmánimprisoned in the United States, and whom we recently saw in a singing contest on a television program, now surprises by doing covers of two emblematic songs of the deceased John Gabriel. In your official account Youtube and InstagramFrida released two videos, one with her version of “Eternal love” and another with the theme “I would like to know”.

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In both videos, the young woman from Sinaloa shows off her musical skills and her passion for regional Mexican music, always appearing accompanied by a guitarist named Charles Antunawho is part of your team. By the way, the makeup is Mayeli Alonsoex-wife of the singer Lupillo Rivera.Receive free headlines about your favorite celebrities daily in your emailRECEIVE

“Eternal love” is one of the most famous songs by Juan Gabriel, inspired by the death of his mother in 1974, news he received during one of his tours of the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, an anecdote that was reflected in the lyrics of the song.

Frida’s popularity is growing on social networks, especially on Instagram, where she already has more than 88 thousand followers. In 2021, this young woman participated in the show “I have talent, a lot of talent”, a singing reality show, in which he did not win, but was the one that generated the most comments and controversy.

The Chapitos and the Chavez are his family

Frida Sofía Guzmán is the daughter of Frida Munoz and Edgar Guzmanthe son who was killed by Chapo, founder of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS). Years later, Frida’s mother married Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.son of the Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez. The latter clarified that he has a good relationship with Ovid Guzmananother of Chapo’s sons, nicknamed “El Ratón”, but he clarified that he is not involved in drug trafficking.

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