Mercedes-Benz presents its new electric car Vision EQXX

Mercedes Benz presented through his social networks his new project of electric car, the Vision EQXX, equipped with solar panels and with a range superior to that of any electric car currently on the market, according to its creators.

According to information from RT in Spanish, the German manufacturer has been working on this model for some years, but until now it had not released details of its characteristics, except for some images of the design.

The German company maintains that “the mission” of the EQXX is “efficiency”, since it offers at least 1,000 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge and without the need for a large and heavy battery. These figures exceed the range of any electric car for sale.

Mercedes-Benz overtakes Tesla

In fact, it beats the Tesla Model S Plaid by more than 360 kilometers, which is described on its manufacturer’s website as the car “with the longest range and fastest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production.”

On the other hand, Mercedes has designed the EQXX with a teardrop shape, which, together with its special tires that reduce resistance, give it a more aerodynamic ride than that of a “soccer ball”.

The company also set out to reduce the car’s weight as much as possible, 17,000 kilos, using 3D printed parts. The car has solar panels built into the roof that can add up to 25 kilometers of range in optimal weather conditions.

What is the EQXX made of?

Mercedes-Benz presents its new electric car Vision EQXX

The EQXX’s cabin is made up of sustainable materials that reduce the car’s overall carbon footprint. Proof of this are the door handles, made with a vegan material similar to silk, and the seats lined with leather made from mushrooms and cacti.

The company announces that this spring they will show the world the range of more than 1,000 kilometers of the EQXX and that “they will make it look simple, with cutting-edge technology! And with” the efficiency, luxury and style of Mercedes.

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