Merkel uses her latest message to plead for Germans to get vaccinated

The outgoing Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel which will leave power the following week used her last message as president to plead with the public to be vaccinated against the Covid-19.

Through the last 600 podcast that he made during his tenure, he asked them to become aware of the seriousness that the world is still going through with the fourth wave of coronavirus and especially with the outbreak of the new variant Omicron.

This was one of the last acts of farewell to Merkel since in previous days we informed you in the Truth News that the German military paid her honors and there the still Chancellor asked that democracy continue to be defended.

Angela Merkel’s message

In the message she sent through the video podcast, Merkel said, “I ask you once again, insistently, take this perfidious virus seriously, the new Omicron variant seems precisely more contagious than the previous ones. It does not matter if it is a first dose, any vaccination is useful, “he stressed.

The president who will leave office next Wednesday also took advantage of the podcast to thank the vast majority of citizens who respect the rules and “That every day they show off that wonderful civic sense of our country and without which no chancellor, or a government could do anything, “he concluded.

How many years was Angela Merkel in power?

Since 2005 Angela Merkel became the first female chancellor to access power and there she remained for 16 years of Government at the head of the great German nation, the first great challenge she conquered was to remove her mentor who was appointed at the time for mismanagement of money in his party.

Another of the complex moments he lived at the head of the Government was in the migration crisis of 2015 when he decided to open the doors of the country to a million and a half Syrian refugees fleeing the war, after the Merkel era it seemed very complex to follow his legacy but it is already known that the Political Parties of this country have reached an agreement for the Government.

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