Messi meets friends and enemies at PSG

Messi will not only meet old friends at PSG like Neymar Jr. and Ángel DiMaría but also some former enemies who kicked him out not recently.

And it is that the new player of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) he will meet again with Sergio Ramos, the fierce defender who was of Real Madrid and sometimes made the Argentine star see his luck.

Messi receives a welcome tweet from Ramos

Messi arrived
Messi and Ramos t-shirts are already on the official PSG merchandise sideboards. Photo: PSG in Spanish.

The former Real Madrid player dedicated a message to Messi through his twitter account with this question: Who was going to tell us, right #LeoMessi? Welcome! / Welcome! / Welcome!

And it is a historical fact that in 30 years two former captains of Real Madrid and Barcelona had not played together in a club soccer team at a professional level in any league in the world.

“As soon as you get here, happiness is enormous”: Messi

Messi was received as a hero by the PSG fans. Photo: PSG in Spanish.

Messi confirmed that he was very happy as soon as he arrived in the French capital and thanked PSG for their efforts to sign him after “a tough exit” from Barcelona.

“I’m very happy, you all know about my departure from Barcelona, ​​where it was very hard, it’s been many years, change is difficult after so long, as soon as I get here, happiness is enormous”

It was not easy to sign the Argentine star

Messi PSG
Messi to the center along with the president of PSG, Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi and the sports director, Brazilian Leonardo. Photo: PSG in Spanish.

Messi, accompanied by his wife and three children in a packed press room, summoned the president of PSG, Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi -present together at the conference-, and the sports director, Brazilian Leonardo,

“I appreciate how they treated me, how fast and easy it was in such a short time, because it was very difficult to fix and so fast,” he said.

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