Mexican arrested for transporting illegal immigrants from Guatemala to Florida

Border Patrol (CBP) officers in Miami, Florida.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

MIAMI – The Florida Highway Patrol arrested a young Mexican who was transporting five undocumented Guatemalans in a truck, in what is the fourth event of this type that occurred in a week in this US state, media reported this Friday. local.

Members of this agency detained Alex Hernández Pacheco, 20, on Thursday. on Interstate 75 and in the town of Brooksville, north of Tampa, in the west of the state, who was hired to transport five Guatemalans from Arizona to Florida.

The ages of the undocumented ranged between 17 and 34 yearsAccording to the agency, which added that a “large sum of money” was found inside the vehicle as well as receipts for gasoline invoiced for three days in Arizona, Oklahoma and Georgia.

According to the numbers, each of the Guatemalans paid between $ 250 and $ 700 to Hernández Pacheco, who was arrested for human trafficking and driving without a driver’s license, and taken to a Hernando County jail.

The five undocumented were made available to the Border Patrol Tampa sector.

The Mexican’s arrest comes after the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) carried out two control stops last Tuesday, one of them due to tinted windows without a permit, which led to the discovery of undocumented immigrants. .

There were six undocumented immigrants, who were being transported by a Honduran and in the other case by a Mexican, who that day were made available to the immigration authorities.

By executive order, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has directed the FHP to stop any bus, car or plane that is reasonably believed to be illegally transporting people.

The Florida Government has filed lawsuits against the immigration policies made by the Administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden.