Mexican boxer Alma Ibarra announced her retirement a few days after pleading for the end of the fight against American Jessica McCaskill

Photo: Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images

The images of the Mexican boxer Alma Ibarra begging her corner to stop the fight against the American Jessica McCaskill, claiming that he wanted to get home alive, went viral around the world. A few days after the event, the boxer announced her withdrawal, alleging that she hangs up her gloves and leaves quietly.

Today after 15 years I say goodbye to boxing, a retirement that I had postponed for six months and today it gives me the peace and tranquility that my life needs. I am going calmly because I know that despite everything I was always there breaking stone and rowing against the current to get ahead, ”said the Mexican on her social networks and in information reviewed by the Mediotiempo portal.

Alma Ibarra with her head held high

Alma Ibarra does not feel less for the episode lived inside the ring last weekend, which is why she decided to publish a letter through her social networks explaining what happened and facing it like a warrior.

Ibarra accepted that going to the fight against McCaskill was a big mistake: “I accepted the fight and I think it was one of the biggest mistakes I made, since I had been through very difficult weeks (due to depression). We had an amazing closing camp, but something deep down in me was still not right, I ignored it and at the crucial moment my mind collapsed due to so many recent accidents in the sport”, he underlined.

The now former Mexican boxer listed a couple of reasons why she decided to leave the fightfirst of all for verifying that mental health is as important as physical health in boxing and in the face of that reality he hopes to serve as an example and that whoever needs it benefits.

The second cause said that it was for standing up for his team, which he claimed had nothing to do with the decision, much less are they to blame for something. “I appreciate that they endured this whole process without knowing what was going on in my mind,” the Mexican wrote through her Facebook account.

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