From fractures to burns: Mexican celebrities overcome accidents in 2022

Despite living in the public eye, Mexican celebrities are not immune to accidents. This year, several stars experienced serious mishaps, but fortunately, they all managed to recover. Read on to learn about the accidents that affected Eugenio Derbez, Danna Paola, Manelyk Gonzalez, Ivonne Montero, and Maria Jose.
  1. Several Mexican celebrities experienced serious accidents in 2022, including Eugenio Derbez, Danna Paola, Manelyk González, Ivonne Montero, and María José.
  2. The accidents included virtual reality mishaps, stage falls, and burns and required the celebrities to undergo surgery and recovery processes.
  3. Despite the challenges, all celebrities recovered and continued their careers, displaying determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

Although to the public, the lives of celebrities may seem glamorous and out of danger, some Mexican celebrities suffered some serious accidents that worried their most assiduous fans. Luckily, all of them recovered satisfactorily, but the scare and recovery process left them scarred in 2022.

Eugenio Derbez

On August 29, Alessandra Rosaldo announced that Eugenio Derbez had had an accident a few days before and would have surgery.

Due to the secrecy of the announcement, rumors on social networks soon exploded, and many users speculated all kinds of versions about what had happened to the actor of La Familia P. Luche.

After two operations, Eugenio Derbez appeared “live” and confessed that one of the circulating theories was true: his shoulder had been fractured.

The actor reported that he probably will not recover 100 percent mobility (Photo: File)
The actor reported that he probably would not recover 100 percent mobility (Photo: File)

The comedian said that the mishap occurred while he was playing with a virtual reality visor, and, not being concentrated, he injured his shoulder in 17 places.

During the following months, the celebrity shared a little of his recovery process with his followers and showed that he already has greater mobility. However, he revealed that his doctors pointed out that he might have lifelong sequelae.

“The doctors told me that I would not be able to lift my arm beyond my shoulder—no more from here, never again. My idea is to defy the doctors and make it,” she said on a recent live show.

Danna Paola

This year 2022, was an important year for Danna Paola, as she not only released her album XT4S1S but also started her first solo tour around Mexico.

Danna Paola suffered an accident during her concert in Guadalajara, she opened her eyebrow and hit her knee. (Photo: Twitter @marioluna31)
Danna Paola suffered an accident during her concert in Guadalajara; she opened her eyebrow and hit her knee. (Photo: Twitter @marioluna31)

But, during the opening of her tour, which took place on November 11 in Guadalajara, the singer suffered an incident when she hit herself in the eye with her own knee.

“I opened my eyebrow, literally, I’m not kidding. I don’t know if those in the front row saw. I’m fine, I swear,” Danna said and later interrupted her performance for a few minutes to request medical support.

Upon returning, the “Amy, the girl with the blue backpack” actress reappeared with a bulky bandage on her head covering one eye.

“When I went backward, I think I hit my knee or something, and my eye started to swell up. I stopped seeing, and I kept going,” she said.


Al final del video se ve un poquito mejor 🥺 🤕@dannapaola #dannapaola #xt4s1stour #accidente

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For the celebrity, the incident was just an anecdote, as she had no major complications, and for the rest of her tour, she appeared without the bandage.

Manelyk González

Manelyk González participated in the most recent edition of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy and was partnered for most of the show by her former Acapulco Shore partner, Luis Potro Caballero.

However, on November 16, viewers of the dance contest became concerned after the influencer suffered a serious accident during rehearsals prior to her performance.

(Instagram photo)
(Instagram photo)

In the video, you could see the moment when Mane tried to do a pirouette, but the stunt went wrong due to a lack of coordination, and her partner could not hold her, so she fell onto the stage.

“I was scared to death because I was completely on my shoulders and there was an imbalance or something happened, her legs pass above my head, and she goes straight into a dive (towards the floor); her legs pass above my head, and there was no longer control,” said the dance partner.

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After the incident, Manelyk was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with a cervical sprain and a brain contusion, for which she had to spend almost a month in recovery.

On December 13, the ex-Acapulco Shore reappeared on the morning show Hoy to dance to Latin rhythms and compete for the final prize. Although she did not win the season, she did become one of the favorites of the show’s followers.

Ivonne Montero

On December 2, Ivonne Montero shocked her fans on social networks after appearing with a swollen eye and an eye patch.

So, after several hours of uncertainty, the winner of La Casa de Los Famosos 2 finally commented that she had burned her corneas.

(Screenshot/Television Image)
(Screenshot/Television Image)

In an interview with “De Primera mano,” Ivonne Montero commented that the affectation in her eyesight happened because of some eye drops.

“I forgot to put the saline water liquid where you put your lenses, and they stay there until you use them again. So, it turns out that on that occasion, I didn’t bring the saline water, I forgot, and it became very easy to put them in eye drops (…) it turns out that I put on the contact lenses and suddenly I felt an impressive burning,” he said.

Ivonne Montero reacted to allegations that her eye accident was due to vanity (Photos: Instagram/@ivonnemonteroof)
Ivonne Montero reacted to allegations that her eye accident was due to vanity (Photos: Instagram/@ivonnemonteroof)

Because that liquid is not made to be kept in contact with the eyes for a long time, it turned out to be abrasive for the artist and hurt her corneas.

“I never imagined it was doing such damage to my eyes, to my corneas. I burned both corneas. I was already seeing blurry. I took them off, and the surprise was I could not see anymore,” he said.

After the scare, doctors gave her treatment, and as of December 30, Ivonne is now in better health.

Alfredo Adame

Although Alfredo Adame‘s case was not strictly an accident, the injuries suffered by the actor after getting into an altercation on September 28 outside his house in Fuentes de Tepepan, Tlalpan, gave a lot to talk about.

(Photos: Ig adamerreacts)
(Photos: Ig adamerreacts)

Carlos Trejo’s controversial enemy was brutally beaten and ended up with four fractures in his face and injuries that could compromise his eyesight.

According to the report of the District Attorney’s Office, the fight involved three men, including the former TV host. The brawl occurred on Prolongación Abasolo Street, where a couple of men attacked the 64-year-old actor.