Mexican comedian says that earning 30 thousand pesos a month is little

Again the social networks were in charge of strongly thwarting the famous comedian, Sofia Nino de Rivera, after a video came to light in which she makes a comment in which she very indignantly recalled when she was 28 years old a small salary of 30 thousand pesos that he considered very low.

And it is that the comedian mexican was once again involved in a new controversy, since it seems that she still does not recognize the privileges she enjoys and the users let her know with harsh comments.

It was through social networks that a video began to circulate in which Sofia Nino de Rivera was invited to Insane Podcasts, with the aim of talking about his professional career and the difficulties he has had throughout his life until he reached the success he has today.

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Originally the interview titled “How did you become the #1 comedian in Mexico?” It was uploaded on January 24, however, it was not until this Thursday the 27th that it went viral on social networks after several pieces appeared on Tik Tok.

So strong criticism was unleashed towards the comedian, after she appeared in the video saying: “Advertising agencies they pay terrible, I ended up earning 30 thousand pesos a month at 28 years old. To earn more than that, I had to spend another 15 years in advertising and it’s very macho.”

So some netizens blasted her saying that these were ‘white people’s problems,’ and others mentioned: “I would like to earn more than 20 thousand at that age”.

However, it is possible that the comedian’s comment was taken out of context, since in the interview Sofía does not say that earning 30 thousand pesos is wrong or that they are insufficient, but that for her that income was not enough to survive and have a comedy career, so he quit his job at the advertising agency.

Let’s also remember that the comedian, in order to make her way into stand-up in Mexico, had to sell her car and move from the apartment where she lived in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City.

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