Mexican cosplayer recreates Morocha Amorocha and is super viral in networks

The broadcast of La Casa de los Dibujos, the first animated reality show on television, ended a long time ago, but the idea of ​​paying tribute to these characters has fascinated me, so a Mexican cosplayer recreates Morocha Amorocha.

And it is that some have made several cosplay of the quirky characters of this animated series for adults, but the one that has attracted the most attention, due to its resemblance, is that of the attractive Morocha Amorocha.

The person in charge of doing it is the cosplayer Claudina, who published the result on her Instagram account.

Mexican cosplayer recreates Morocha Amorocha

The cosplay you just saw was made by Claudina. Morocha Amorocha is created by Mexican.

Claudina can be found on Instagram as claudinavc, claudinavc.bridal and claudinavc_qxphoto and she is a talented make-up artist, bodypainter, wedding planner, professional photographer but also a Mexican cosplayer who loves to personify characters .

It was so that the Mexican cosplayer recreates Morocha Amorocha for what fascinates her and has made her popularity increase as the publication adds more and more impressive followers.

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Inspired cosplay recreates a great character

Morocha Amorocha is created by Mexican.

The Mexican cosplayer was inspired and recreated with impressive fidelity the daring costume that Morocha Amorocha used in most of the animated series of La Casa de los Dibujos.

But it wasn’t all managed to capture her captivating personalityfor which he has given away a character characterization and interpretation work that not even the best cosmodels and cosmakers in our country and the world will be able to overcome.

Without a doubt, when the Mexican cosplayer recreates Morocha Amorocha, she has increased her followers, but at the same time, she sets an example of her extraordinary work as a professional.

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