Mexican doctor and his pregnant wife ask for help to leave Ukraine

The mexican doctor Franklin Frías, who is part of the “Doctors without Borders” program, and his wife pregnant Nika Smirnykh find themselves stranded in Ukraineso the family asks for support so that they can leave the territory in the face of Russian military attacks.

Through social networks, the Mexican’s sister asked the authorities for help, so that her brother and sister-in-law can leave Ukraine.

On AmericanPost.News We have previously informed you of what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, countries that have entered into a war.

“Doctors without borders” in Ukraine

Mexicans ask for support from the embassy in Ukraine Mexicans try to leave Ukraine through a caravan

The doctor’s sister named Elisa dedicated a message to the chancellor and Secretary of Foreign Relations in Mexico, Marcelo Ebrardin which he requests protection and eviction for his Mexican relatives who are in Ukraine, in the midst of the attacks and the Russian military operation.

“Secretary, my brother is on a mission in doctors without borders, my pregnant sister-in-law and my niece are in Kiev.”

Similarly, the woman stated that her Mexican relative sent a message to the embassy, ​​however there is no response, so they have not been able to vacate the territory.

“I ask for protection and eviction so that they can be safe”, is the request that Elisa makes to Ebrard.

Ukraine Embassy Mexico

Mexicans try to leave Ukraine through a caravan

The woman’s request was joined by several who ask for support for their Mexican relatives who are in Ukraine and have not received help from the Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine.

Similarly, the cousin of doctor Franklin Farías begged for the support of Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations.

So far it has been announced that an operation is being prepared with approximately 50 mexicanswhich would be organized by the Mexican ambassador in Ukraineto leave the territory.

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