Mexican falls with more than 5,000 pounds of methamphetamine, the largest seizure in US history

A shipment of more than 5,000 pounds methamphetamine hidden in a cargo truck was detected by federal authorities in a border port of California in what appears to be one of the largest seizures of that drug in the United States, and a Mexican was arrestedlocal media reported.

The discovery occurred during an inspection of a cargo truck that was trying to enter California from, Tijuana, Mexico, through the port of entry of Otay Mesa.

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Inside the cargo vehicle with license plates California were found 5,528 pounds of methamphetamine, and more of 127 pounds of fentanyl.

Authorities arrested the truck driver identified as Carlos Gerardo Symonds Saavedra, a Mexican citizen who was charged with two federal crimes for smuggling controlled substances into the United States.

Officials of the United States Department of Justice for the Southern District of California They said “this is believed to be one of the largest methamphetamine seizures in the nation’s history.”

The largest seizure of that drug in a single shipment would have occurred in December 2019, when federal authorities reported the discovery of a shipment of 5,000 pounds of methamphetamine in Laredo, Texas.

Second place, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official, was held by a seizure of 3,000 pounds of methamphetamine occurred in October 2020 in Otay Mesa, California, the same port where the drug was discovered last Thursday night.

The complaint filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Symonds Saavedra argues that the man, of Mexican origin, showed up with the cargo at the border crossing around 5 in the afternoon (local time), saying that he was transporting plastic pieces.

An alert system referred the vehicle to a second inspection with an X-ray machine, which detected anomalous packages mixed with the plastic parts. However, the authorities did not stop the vehicle and let it enter the United States after placing a GPS tracking device on it.

Symonds Saavedra drove the truck to a private commercial parking lot where he parked and placed the keys under the hood. The agents detained him as he was leaving the scene. The man allegedly admitted to passing the drug load in exchange for payment.

Authorities raided the scene but no further arrests were reported.

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