Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals, creator of Las Poquianchis, dies

  • Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals dies at 84
  • He was the winner of Ariel and creator of “Las Ppquianchis”
  • He was born on July 28, 1937 in Guéthary, France, but was registered in Mexico

Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals dies, who was the director of the films “Canoa”, “The year of the plague” and “El apando” died at the age of 84, reported the AP news agency and the Paco Zea portal, so the The news caused sadness in the middle of the show because of his career.

The Mexican Ministry of Culture confirmed the death that occurred on Saturday through Twitter on Sunday. “Indispensable director in the history of Mexican cinema, a storyteller who defended just causes and inspired several generations,” said the secretariat.


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Felipe Cazals was born on July 28, 1937 in Guéthary, France, shortly afterwards his family emigrated to Mexico, where he was registered as born in the country and where he lived most of his years, according to official information that has emerged after his death.

“Canoe”, 1975, based on real events, about a priest who incites a town to kill young people presenting them as a communist threat in 1968, earned him a Silver Bear in Berlin as a special jury prize and was perhaps his most famous film.

Mexican filmmaker dies: TRAJECTORY

Felipe Cazals
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A decade later, he won the Silver Shell for best director at the San Sebastián International Film Festival for “Los Motivos de Luz,” a film about a woman imprisoned after being accused of having murdered her children. The film also won Ariel Awards, the Mexican equivalent of the Oscars, to actress Patricia Reyes Spíndola and supporting actress Ana Ofelia Murguía.

Cazals won the Ariel Award for Best Director for “The Year of the Plague” and “Under the Shrapnel” in 1980 and 1984 respectively, while his documentary feature “Digna: Hasta el Ultiento” was awarded at these awards in 2005. Filed Under: Mexican Filmmaker Dies


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His most recent Ariel for best direction and original screenplay were received a year later for “Las vueltas del citrillo”, while in 2010 he was recognized by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Sciences and Arts with a Golden Ariel for his career. “Chico Grande”, “Rigo es amor”, “Las inocentes” and “Las poquianchis” were other of his films.

People immediately began writing messages of prayers and solidarity for family and friends. The middle of the show is mourning the departure of a filmmaker who marked an epoch in Mexican cinema and achieved several successes with his productions that captivated his followers. Filed Under: Mexican Filmmaker Dies


The poquianchis
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“There are no good or bad films, but films that remain in the memory and those that are forgotten,” said Felipe Cazals, when asked his opinion about the different stories that made it to the cinema. He was recognized for his work not only in Mexico but throughout the world.

This Saturday, at age 84, the director of “Canoa”, “Las Poquianchis” and “El Apando”, died without knowing the cause of death until midnight. His most recent film was “Ciudadano Buelna”, starring Sebastián Zurita, which was released in 2013. Filed under: Mexican filmmaker dies

Mexican filmmaker dies: SUS FILMES

Mexican filmmaker dies
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In this century he filmed “Your Serene Highness, Digna: Until the Last Breath”, about the rights defender Digna Ochoa, “Las vueltas del citrillo” and “Chicogrande”, both set about the Mexican Revolution and earned the respect of the critics and their audience.

“Canoa”, which portrays the lynching of university workers in San Miguel Canoa, Puebla, during 1968, received the Silver Bear for the Special Jury Prize at the 1976 Berlin Film Festival. To shoot it, he had to go to a neighboring town, twin of the original, due to the threats that weighed on him and could put the production team at risk.

Mexican filmmaker dies: THE STORIES

Felipe Cazals
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During the preparation of the film, Cazals and the writer Tomás Pérez Turrent spoke, with a hidden tape recorder, with the priest Enrique Meza, allegedly guilty of the lynching. The priest then took out a 45 caliber pistol, cutting the cartridge and placed it on the table, without saying anything. The creators decided to leave.

“I know that I can never go to San Miguel Canoa after that, I know,” he said when he remembered the moment. This film will be followed by “El Apando”, based on the novel by José Revueltas. Today Sunday, the country woke up in mourning and the great sadness for his departure was seen on social networks.


Mexican filmmaker dies
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Although the news was released this Sunday, the causes of death are still unknown. His latest project premiered in 2013, the film Ciudadano Buelna, starring Sebastián Zurita and Marimar Vega. Leticia Huijara, actress and next president of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, confirmed the news to Reforma.

“We are devastated. The contemporary history of Mexican cinema cannot be understood without the presence of its films, ”he shared. Through its social networks, the Guanajuato Film Festival mourned the death of the filmmaker. “We regret the death of the emblematic Mexican director Felipe Cazals at 84 years of age. Our eternal admiration for him and our condolences to his loved ones. Thank you for giving so much to the cinema, “he wrote. Filed Under: Mexican Filmmaker Dies


Felipe Cazals
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In turn, the Mexican Film Academy is mourning the sad news of the death of Felipe Cazals, a member emeritus of the AMACC and a fundamental director in the history of Mexican cinema. We will always miss you, dear Felipe, they wrote on social networks.

We mourn the death of the emblematic Mexican director Felipe Cazals at 84 years of age. Our eternal admiration for him and our condolences to his loved ones. Thank you for giving so much to the cinema.— Guanajuato Film Fest (@giffmx) October 17, 2021 Have a good trip, maestro Cazals, go light because you leave us all your world, your talent, your eyes and your voice. Filed Under: Mexican Filmmaker Dies

Mexican filmmaker dies: ANOTHER DEATH

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In April 2020, the Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Retes died, director of films such as “El Bulto”, “Chin chin el teporocho” and “Nuevo Mundo”, he died this Monday morning at the age of 73, he is the son of actress Lucila Balzaretti and the theater director Ignacio of the same surname. Famous people such as Gael García, Adal Ramones, Luis Felipe Tovar, Guillermo Arriaga, lamented the news.

Through social networks, without disclosing the causes of death, the UNAM Film Library released the tragic news of the famous creator. The filmmaker won some awards like the Ariel. From the beginning he began directing short films and has among his filmography several films such as Paper Flowers and the Revolution and Artists. He was born in Mexico in 1947


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He is survived by three children and was married several times. From the age of 13 he worked in plays and from there he showed signs of his great talent. “At the UNAM Film Library we deeply regret the death of the Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Retes. We send our condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace, ”he said.

The news was shared by the president of the Chamber of Deputies ‘Commission for Culture and Cinematography, Sergio Mayer Bretón, who lamented Retes’ death and said that “we will always remember him for his extraordinary work.” Gabriel Retes’s filmography as a director exceeded 30 films, among which are “Paper Flowers” ​​(1977), “Broken Flag” (1979), “The Naked City” (1989), “The Bundle” (1992) , “Welcome / welcome” (1994) and “A sweet smell of death” (1999). Filed Under: Mexican Filmmaker Dies