Mexican Immigrant Mayor. Jesús Garza is mayor of the United States.

  • Jesús Garza, a Mexican mechanic has come to power
  • The story of the immigrant has been publicized in the national media
  • Now he will work in his workshop and in the town hall

Mexican immigrant gains ‘power’ and becomes mayor in the United States. Arcola, a small town in the Illinois area, has chosen Mexican immigrant Jesús Garza as its mayor, despite the fact that many citizens support former President Donald Trump, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Many in this area of ​​Illinois, full of crops and modest homes, support former President Donald Trump and his heavy-handed policies on immigration issues. However, they chose a Mexican immigrant in May as mayor of this city of about 3,600 people, the AP notes.

They reveal the secret that led this Mexican to be mayor in the United States.

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Jesús Garza, a 51-year-old mechanic who has been in Arcola, Illinois for more than two decades, now divides his time between his workshop and the city hall, trying to improve street lighting and safety, since the city only has one police officer. per turn, which could be challenging for the immigrant.

He says he is grateful for the trust placed in him by his American neighbors, who have always shown him support and seen him prosper, he says. The support, he says, has been since he started working as a mechanic for a local citizen.

“We do not vote for a Republican party, we do not vote for Democrats”


However, the immigrant mayor did not stop his fight until he opened his own workshop 17 years ago and now has three employees. “People here have told me ‘we do not vote for a Republican party, we do not vote for Democrats, we vote for you, for the person you are,” he revealed in an interview for AP.

The Hispanic was asked how it is possible for supporters of former President Donald Trump to vote for a Mexican immigrant. Former president Trump, who was president from 2017 to 2020, imposed various provisions to curb illegal immigration in the United States, recalls AP.

Immigrant won despite Trump’s support in his city

Immigrant won despite Trump's support in his city
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Among other things, it approved extraordinary measures to limit asylum, accusing anyone who entered the United States without authorization from Mexico of criminality, which resulted in the separation of thousands of children from their parents at the border, highlights The Associated Press.

He also approved Title 42, which allows the immediate expulsion of undocumented immigrants who reach the border. This Title 42, continued to be used by the current Democratic president, Joe Biden. During his election campaign, Trump called Mexican immigrants criminals.

It is revealed how the Mexican mayor arrived in the United States without papers

It is revealed how the Mexican mayor arrived in the United States without papers
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Jesús Garza was born in Cadereyta Jiménez, the “Escobera capital of Mexico”, in the northern state of Nuevo León. He wanted to study automotive engineering but college was too expensive and he ended up as a mechanic, he said. Lack of employment, however, forced him to relocate to Arcola.

In that city, his father worked in a broom factory. Jesús Garza arrived in the city in 1993 with his wife and a nine-month-old baby thanks to a tourist visa. His father, who was already a US citizen, started the process to fix his son’s immigration status.

They helped him learn to speak English

They helped him learn to speak English
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Without speaking a word of English, Garza started working at the broom factory, the city’s main employer. In fact, he said, the brooms were made from a spike that is grown in Mexico. This is how Garza’s father, Joaquín, ended up in Arcola, located about a two-hour drive from Chicago.

Garza spent months sleeping just four hours because he worked at the factory at night and in an auto shop by day, according to The Associated Press. Until his boss in the workshop offered him a raise and sent him to study English.

This is how he became mayor in the United States despite being a Mexican immigrant

This is how he became mayor in the United States despite being a Mexican immigrant
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“I imagine he saw potential in me then,” said Mexican immigrant Jesús Garza. “They know that you want to learn, that you want to work. I imagine he thought ‘let’s see what happens with him, with the boy,’ “added the now mayor of Arcola.

“And well, I didn’t disappoint him. I always worked as he wanted and I always did everything the man told me ”. Garza, a father of four and grandfather of two, said he ran for mayor because he saw local businesses closing their doors.

Reveal what Americans tell him after being elected mayor

Reveal what Americans tell him after being elected mayor
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“When you’ve lived here in Arcola for a long time, you start to worry about the things you are going to leave for the future,” he said. About 66% of Arcola voters voted for Trump last year, according to official data collected by The Associated Press.

The immigrant mayor left an important reflection at the end of the interview conducted by the news agency. “The Americans tell me and ‘you don’t stop, why don’t you get tired?’,” Said Garza. “And ‘yes, I get tired’, I tell them, but I see that people support it, that’s what makes me, as one says, go on, go on, go on, go on”. With information: The Associated Press. Filed Under: Mexican Immigrant Mayor Jesús Garza

He is not the only Mexican mayor who has attracted attention: Mayor in bikini and cleavage, assures that he will dismantle the CJNG

Organized crimeInstagram photo

The new mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, promises that she will dismantle the CJNG and the Unión de Tepito, surprises with her beauty on social networks, with the use of tight clothing, bikini and pronounced necklines, according to a publication of the Narco Blog, At the moment, Heraldo de México y Milenio.

Days before taking a protest as the new municipal president, she promised that her city would be the best in the country in a period of 18 months, and that her actions to achieve this would be to combat organized crime and be able to remove them from the territory so that people can work. in peace. Filed Under: Mexican Immigrant Mayor Jesús Garza


Mayor to dismantle the CJNG
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“I expect Cuauhtémoc to be the best mayor’s office in 18 months, that is my commitment, we are going to confront organized crime, organized crime is going to leave Cuauhtémoc,” she said, reiterating that her delegation will be the safest from all the cities of the country.

In that area, it is known from information provided by the authorities that two well-known organized crime groups operate, the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and La Unión de Tepito, which, among many other crimes, charge fees to all merchants. and they carry out kidnappings, it was reported on the Narco Blog. Filed Under: Mexican Immigrant Mayor Jesús Garza


Sandra caves
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He also said that “even if there are one or a thousand threats, the objective of guaranteeing security in Cuauhtémoc will be fulfilled,” for which he reiterated that he will end the four main cartels that took control of the demarcation of Mexico City, information that published El Heraldo de México Blog del Narco.

Those four cartels are the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, La Unión de Tepito, AntiUnion and Fabian Ronda 88. To achieve this objective, it says that surveillance cameras and control towers will be installed and that security meetings will be at 5 in the morning, according to Narco’s Blog. Filed Under: Mexican Immigrant Mayor Jesús Garza

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