Mexican woman is sentenced to lashes and years in prison in Qatar

Paola Schietekat is the Mexican who has recently revealed her unfortunate story in Qatar, where she was working as part of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup.

It is highlighted that the events occurred on June 6, 2021, when an alleged friend of Paola Schietekat entered the apartment where she lived in Qatar while she slept: “After a brief struggle, because his strength exceeded mine, I ended up on the floor.”

“Hours later, I had bruises all over my left arm, shoulder and back. I kept a cool head: I told my mom, a colleague at work and I documented everything with photos, so that my memory, in an attempt at self-protection, would not minimize the events or completely erase part of them.”

It should be noted that Paola Schietekat points out that there was a struggle; but she could not with the strength of his attacker. After the sexual assault, she notified her mother and a colleague, in addition to documenting everything.

Already with a medical certificate indicating the aggression, Paola Schietekat denounced her attacker, being supported by the Consul of Mexico in Qatar, Luis Ancona

Mexican was abused and accused of being guilty

Mexican was abused and accused of being guilty

It has been said that after that they sent for her to confront her attacker. However, she ended up fighting the laws of Qatar, where she became the accused, and although she had all the evidence of having been sexually assaulted, her complaint did not proceed because it was an “extramarital affair”, which is prohibited in Qatar.

It seems that the Qatari authorities had already ruled out the abuse and were now focused on this alleged extramarital affair, of which she was found guilty. That is why Paola Schietekat had to flee Qatar, being helped by the Organizing Committee of the World Cup and Human Rights Watch.

Paola Schietekat was sentenced in Qatar

Mexican was abused and accused of being guilty

While in Mexico, Paola Schietekat denounces that the Mexican Consul acted with indifference and showed inability throughout the process that took place in Qatar. Now, she was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 100 lashes, in addition to the fact that they absolved the aggressor of any kind of guilt.

As if that were not enough, she announced that the lawyer who defended her suggested that she marry her attacker to avoid conviction, something that she still cannot believe.

Paola Schietekat makes it clear that this is not the first time she has experienced a sexual assault. Years before this, when she was a teenager, her boyfriend abused her. She mentions that it was all due to a fit of jealousy: he locked her in her apartment and even threatened to kill her. It took her a decade to get over the trauma.

Notably, the Mexican Paola Schietekat was very angry with herself, for not having denounced someone who could simply continue with her life, as if nothing had happened: “During those ten years, my attacker got married and had a daughter. I was furious with myself for not having denounced, for not having loved and respected me enough to denounce someone who did such damage.”