Mexican mayor Víctor Sosa married a female gator Alicia Rubí in a century-old tradition

Celebrating a centuries-old tradition, Oaxacan mayor marries lizard 'princess' to invite prosperity and honor local Chontal customs.

The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula in Oaxaca, Víctor Sosa, married Alicia Rubí, a female lizard, in a two-centuries-old tradition, where the wedding is performed to bring luck to the fishermen and abundance to the community.

“I also thank all the captains, godmothers, godfathers, all those who collaborated, the cooks, and all the visitors who came to know and share and spread the word about San Pedro de Huamelula. Long live our customs and traditions. Long live San Pedro Huamelula. Thank you infinitely,” mentioned the mayor on social networks.

This ceremony takes place annually during the feast of the San Pedro Apostle and is part of the traditions of the Chontal people. The lizard princess, as Alicia Rubí is also known, is previously baptized and is taken to visit the houses of some of the municipality’s dance groups. In that sense, the mayor also thanked the dancers.

“I want to thank all the dancers who make it possible for our Patron Saint’s festivity to be held with all the joy and colorfulness that is customary to the Turks, Christians, mareños, blacks, “muliatas,” knights, and the “chicanteros,” thank you very much for your participation and for making our dances continue to be preserved,” added Sosa.

Also, as part of the ritual, the animal is taken by its owners to the home of the municipal holder shortly before the union. Through a Facebook account, Ayuntamiento de San Pedro Huamelula shared a series of images and videos of the moment when the protagonist of the tradition was brought before Victor Hugo Sosa.

The photographs show that the lizard was dressed in a typical dress of the region and a headdress of multi-colored flowers. The publication was accompanied by the description “The princess Alicia Rubí accompanied by her parents visiting her future husband.”