Mexican model Marisol Gonzalez opens up about her relationship with boxer Canelo Alvarez and her journey to recovery

The complex dynamics of celebrity romance, Marisol's tale of love lost and lessons learned redefines personal resilience.

A Mexican model and former girlfriend of boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Marisol Gonzalez, recently gave an interview in which she talked about the relationship she had with the Mexican boxer, which ended more than 10 years ago due to various factors that were ending the affection they had for each other and that almost led them straight to the altar to declare their vows and love before God.

These statements were made during a conversation with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda; the hostess revealed that she suffered a great depression after making official her breakup with the current unified super middleweight champion and that from there, she began a process of personal recovery that allowed her to grow in all areas.

In one of my many trips, they told me about the fights and told me: ‘You’re going to cover ‘El Canelo,’ he’s the guy who comes as the strong promise,’ he was just starting, he was 19 years old, imagine…”, recalled Marison González when talking about the moment in which she met the star of the Aztec pugilism.

The host assured everyone she never felt any problem because of the age difference they had, despite being seven years older, because Canelo Alvarez was always characterized as being a very mature person in each of the conversations they had while they were getting to know each other and little by little they felt a greater connection with each other as they frequented various sporting events.

During the interview with Mara Patricia, the reporter accepted that she was the only one to blame for the breakup of the relationship, which was almost sealed in holy matrimony, for being “very intense” with the tapatío; she also explained that both were very jealous and that after the engagement request the love they had for each other ended up fracturing due to the intense pressure it brought to both of them.

We lasted a year well and then between cutting and returning. At that time, the two of us and the ages influenced me, I was half intense with him, and we were both very jealous. At that time, he gave me a ring, you see him, and you already say he is very formal. I was afraid because he was growing up. I was at a certain age,” González concluded.