Mexican Olympic champion mercilessly attacked El Tri for staying out of the World Cup in Indonesia and the Olympic Games in Paris

Low and murky times are lived within the Mexican team. The latest failure in the Concacaf Under-20 World Cup dealt a heavy blow to Aztec pride. After the elimination of Mexico at the hands of Guatemala, many have been the criticism directed towards the young pieces that were part of El Tri. One of the biggest detractors was Jorge Enriquez GarciaOlympic medalist with the Mexican shirt.

El Tri has always been the protagonist of youth tournaments and championships. Under these circumstances it is even more catastrophic is the absence of the Mexican team in the Under 20 World Cup in Indonesia and the Olympic Games in Paris that will take place in 2024. Faced with the elimination of these two major tournaments, the “Chatón” mercilessly attacked those responsible for this sporting catastrophe.

Keep thinking that what you are doing is good and keep supporting the new generations of crystal without hunger to transcend“Garcia wrote on his social networks.

On the other hand, Jorge Enriquez Garcia took advantage of the fall of the Mexican team to exalt his generation that was able to participate in the London Olympics in 2012 and who won the gold medal.

“Today we are more relevant than ever. (…) Many people depreciate those times, but nobody has surpassed us. Simply the best generation in history, It hurts to who it hurts“, concluded the Mexican Olympic champion.

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