Mexican Peso Pluma stirs up romantic speculation with Argentine singer Nicky Nicole

The young singers can no longer hide that there is something between them and give each other signs of affection on Instagram.

In a heartwarming repetition of history, an Argentine damsel has once again fallen for a Mexican, echoing the love narrative of Christian Nodal and Cazzu. This time around, it’s Peso Pluma, who is purportedly in a romantic liaison with Nicky Nicole. Although the couple has yet to officially declare the commencement of their romance, their affectionate exchanges on social media are making headlines.

The Jalisco-born Peso Pluma stirred up the attention of his 10 million-plus Instagram followers with a recent post. Among the multitude of comments, one stood out – a conspicuous emoji from Nicky Nicole. In a swift response, the Corridos Tumbados singer reciprocated with several heart emojis, much to the delight of their fans.

The messages from the alleged couple. Screenshot IG/Pesopluma
The messages from the alleged couple. Screenshot IG/Pesopluma

Beyond their supposed romantic relationship, the duo has previously teamed up for professional endeavors. They made a public appearance a few weeks back at a United States amusement park. Enjoying the park’s attractions, they were allegedly observed holding hands on multiple occasions.

The Peso Pluma-Nicky Nicole connection surfaces following Peso Pluma’s previous romantic rumors with several internet-famous women. His most recent alleged fling was with Dania Méndez, a renowned influencer recognized for her appearances on shows like “La Casa de los Famosos” and “Acapulco Shore.” The stars were spotted together in the Dominican Republic, suggesting a possible romance. However, it appears that their encounter was purely professional, despite being seen hand-in-hand upon their return to Mexico City.

They have already been on stage together. IG/Nicky Nicole
They have already been on stage together. IG/Nicky Nicole

Is it genuine love or just a publicity stunt?

The celebrities joined forces for the remix of “Por las noches,” which was launched in March this year. The official music video featuring interactions between the Argentine and Mexican artists is available on Peso Pluma’s YouTube channel, boasting more than 70 million views. The collaboration didn’t stop at the recording studio. They’ve performed the hit live during one of the urban star’s trips to Mexico.

“When at night I remembered everything
The smell of that perfume over everything
The white sheets where you hid inside

You are untouchable like a golden jewel
Those long legs I could eat by myself
And your big eyes, I lost myself in a maze”