Mexican singer Peso Pluma outperforms Adele in Spotify’s monthly listener count

Highlighting the surge in Spanish-language music, Peso Pluma achieves new heights, signaling the dawn of a Latin music era.

To cite one fact, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, the real name of the Mexican singer and composer, surpassed Adele in the number of monthly listeners on Spotify and maintains his steady pace to be among the heavyweights of the platform.

Peso Pluma surpasses Adele on Spotify.

Peso Pluma has 52.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, while the British singer has 51.9 million. This fact is relevant because the interpreter of Easy on Me and Hello can be considered one of the last great record sellers in the music industry. At the same time, the Mexican is a representative of the talents of the digital era, in addition to being a global figure in Spanish-language music.

Thus, by leaving behind the multi-Oscar Grammy winner, Peso Pluma is approaching the most listened-to artists on Spotify, today’s trend-setting music platform. Just to name a few, they include Ariana Grande (68 million), Dua Lipa (with 69.7 million monthly listeners), Shakira (71.1 million), Drake (71.7 million), Bad Bunny (74.6 million), Miley Cyrus (74.7 million), Rihanna (74.9 million), Ed Sheeran (81.7 million), Taylor Swift (96.1 million) and The Weeknd, who continues to top this list with over 106 million monthly listeners.

The Peso Pluma and Regional Mexican phenomenon

Even Mike Tyson promotes Peso Pluma’s music. This ad is phenomenal:

Peso Pluma’s rise in the list of Spotify’s most popular artists can be seen as part of the Spanish-language music movement consolidated in recent years with reggaeton and the urban genre. However, the case of the Mexican represents the new direction that Latin music is taking since he is not only an interpreter of regional Mexican (a title in which different musical styles such as ranchero, banda, or norteño were encompassed), but he is the spearhead of the movement of corridos tumbados or bélicos, in which names such as Natanael Cano also shine.

Beyond the digital platforms, the success of Peso Pluma can also be measured and felt in the successful concert tour with which he is touring the United States. For this reason, the singer from Zapopan, Jalisco, recently spoke with Apple’s New Music Daily to talk about how he explains to himself the phenomenon he is starring with his music.

Among other achievements, the artist has eight songs on the Billboard 100. In addition, Génesis, his new album, debuted in third position on the Billboard 200, making it the highest-ranked regional Mexican album in the chart’s history.

“At the beginning of the tour, I didn’t expect so much love in the northern states (of the United States) because it’s harder to find people who like my music or my art style as you move north. But I think it’s insane that it’s going global. That everywhere I go is sold out, thank God, and we enjoy the moment, every city, and the show of support people give us,” he explained in the interview.

When speaking about how new generations of artists are leading the impact that regional Mexican music has today, Hassan acknowledged that it is part of a process that has been brewing for many years and has to do with Spanish-language music in general.

“We are living in a golden era in which a lot of young talent is starting to climb the ladder in the music industry, and I am very happy that I am not the only one who has all this success at a young age. I am very happy for all these young urban Latin artists putting their flags – those of Latin music – on top of the world. It is extremely satisfying to see these Latin songs everywhere, and we are also very happy that people are starting to accept us as we move forward,” he said.

“They tell me that our music and genre are going global, but it’s not just me. Many people built this movement from the beginning, and it’s just a path I’m grateful to be on. I let myself flow and dedicate myself to generating my music and songs to transmit my passion to all these people,” he said.

Peso Pluma’s Fame: The Effect of His Passion for Music

In an interview with Telemundo in early May, Peso Pluma described how he lives and how fame reached him and made him one of the most impactful figures in the music industry today.

“The moment I’m going through, if I explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand it because it’s something you just feel here (in your chest). I am seeing the people, seeing the crowd singing my songs. The songs that I did and still do with my cousin Tito; that we do it because it is our passion. After all, it is what we like to do every day. To be in a hotel and start writing because a song just popped into our heads, and the next day to see 15 thousand people in a stadium singing it, is unimaginable”, he concluded.