Mexican Soccer Federation lets Diego Cocca go, names Jaime Lozano as interim head coach

Lozano is interim coach after Rodríguez dismisses Cocca and Ares de Parga, citing leadership and planning failures.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez has made a stroke of authority and has decided to leave Diego Cocca and Rodrigo Ares de Parga out of the Mexican National Team.

Jaime Lozano will lead Mexico in the Gold Cup on an interim basis.

Through a message broadcast on social networks, the commissioner president of the FMF not only announced the dismissal of Cocca and Ares de Parga but also criticized how the Argentine was chosen.

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“Less than a month after taking the responsibility. We are not going to find him where we are. I have found deficiencies in planning, logistics, and lack of leadership, so I have decided to terminate the contract of Diego Martin Cocca, his coaching staff, and Rodrigo Ares de Parga”.

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And he went much further: “Losing against the United States can happen, but not how it was. We gave up the chance to win due to logistical decisions. We lost because of a lack of leadership on and off the field and professionalism in wearing the jersey. I don’t want to think that it was true that players wanted to get off the boat”.

He criticized the appointment of Cocca and Ares de Parga. “The decision-making process has been flawed from the beginning, and there has been a lack of rigor, a perfect storm due to the bad habits we have been dragging along.”

The change is happening now, “the natural thing would be to wait until the Gold Cup is over, so I thank Jimmy from the bottom of my heart for taking on this challenge. The players love you.

He ended by sending a message to the owners of the clubs to put an end to divisiveness. “To the owners, I want to say that I know about their enthusiasm and investment, but that is no longer enough. Soccer is more than a business, and we have all failed the fans”.