Mexican soccer was humiliated by the MLS and the memes: the teasing was not lacking in the new defeat of Liga MX

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Did MLS beat Liga MX? This is the question that arises every season in Concacaf football. The latest results at the national team level set off the alarms of Aztec soccer fans. But in the MLS All-Star Game it’s becoming customary for the Americans to come out on top. This is what happened on the night of August 10 with the victory 2-1 from the Stars and Stripes team.

Allianz Field in Minnesota witnessed the second straight MLS win over Mexican soccer stars. With an early goal from Carlos candle and a penalty converted by Raul Ruidíazthe Major League Soccer team took the victory despite the goal of Kevin Alvarez.

Although there was some parity regarding the game, the MLS representatives knew how to be more forceful. The Liga MX team finished off the rival goal up to 20 timesbut he was only able to give good direction to 7 shots and convert only 1.

Memes destroyed Mexican soccer

The fall of the Liga MX team opened the doors to hundreds of criticisms of users of social networks. Much of the questioning was directed towards the “business” what is inside this type of exhibition matches in the middle of a season that is developing in Mexican territory.

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