Mexican talent shines as Natanael Cano joins the “VLGY” cast, premiering on HBO on May 25

Explore Natanael Cano's transition into acting with HBO's "VLGY", featuring a talented Mexican cast and urban music themes, premiering soon.

On May 25, the series “VLGY” will premiere on HBO, a Mexican production in which several national talents participate. The trailer is already available on social networks, and one thing that has drawn attention is that the cast includes the star and creator of the “corridos tumbados,” Natanael Cano.

On his official Instagram account, “Nata” made his millions of followers participate and invited them to be aware of the upcoming scenes that the streaming platform will reveal since it is the Sonora native’s debut in acting, something that he assured fills him with emotion and in which he lived great moments.

“I’m his compita Natanael Cano greeting you to support this project that I had to work on, I send greetings to all the beautiful people that I got to meet out there, VLGY Crew will be everywhere so that they are well aware and give a lot of love plebes”, is what you hear from the voice of “Nata”.

He is a controversial singer. IG/natanael_cano
He is a controversial singer. IG/natanael_cano

On the Internet also circulate some of Natanael Cano‘s statements where he points out that he was offered all the opportunities and creative freedom so that his role came out as best as possible and completed with his essence along with the characteristics of the character, so he decided to accommodate some of the dialogues to his own words.


In the publication he made, thousands of people applauded his incursion into the screen, and there was no shortage of his friends who are part of the most important regional Mexican celebrities, such as Peso Pluma, who even flattered him so much that he said he deserved a great award for everything he did in the series.

Peso Pluma reacted to the video. Screenshot
Peso Pluma reacted to the video. Screenshot

More about “VGLY”

The “VGLY” project unveils the story of several young people who enjoy urban music but are also loyal to their ideals, but most of all to the people on their team. The series features Benny Emmanuel, Sasha González, Daniel García Treviño, and Alex Lago, to name a few, as well as Natanael Cano.

Another thing that is known about the production is that it has locations in Colonia Guerrero, Mexico City, and others in Tlaxcala, where the neighborhood and the streets of areas where urban art expression predominates. All the scenes were under the direction of Sebastian Sariñana, in addition to being the showrunner.