Thirty-two aspirants announced to compete for Mexicana Universal 2023 title in Aguascalientes

Mexicana Universal 2023 unveils 32 contestants, with Aguascalientes hosting and Melody Murgía from Tucson standing out among hopefuls.

Mexicana Universal 2023 is the beauty pageant from which the next representative for the 72nd edition of Miss Universe will emerge. As it is well known, Miss Universe is attended by women representing countries worldwide.

And now, towards the celebration of one of the most awaited beauty events of the year, the list of the 32 young women who aspire to represent Mexico at Miss Universe has been announced.

Miss Universe 2022 (special)
Miss Universe 2022 (special)

When and where will Mexicana Universal 2023 be held?

The Mexicana Universal 2023 pageant will take place next Saturday, September 2. The event will occur at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Aguascalientes, in Aguascalientes.

The participant who wins the title of Mexicana Universal 2023 will become the official representative of Mexico in Miss Universe this year.

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While the participants who have been behind the winner would be the representatives of Mexico in other beauty pageants such as:

  • Miss Orb International 2023
  • Hispanic American Queen 2023
  • Miss International 2024
  • Miss Charm 2024
Anne Jakrajutatip, owner of Miss Universe (TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)
Anne Jakrajutatip, owner of Miss Universe (TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)

Who are the 32 aspirants of Mexicana Universal 2023 to represent Mexico at Miss Universe?

A total of 32 candidates are preparing to compete for the national title of Mexicana Universal 2023. All of them are from different states of the country, except Melody Murgía, who is from Tucson, United States.

Here is the complete list of the 32 aspirants of Mexicana Universal 2023 on their way to represent Mexico in Miss Universe:

  1. Alexia del Jesús Paredes Buenfil, 25 years old.
  2. Alma Guadalupe Beltrán Corona, 26 years of age
  3. Andrea Diaz Farill, 24 years old
  4. Angela Selene Zazueta Gil, 28 years old
  5. Angeles Sanchez Rivero, 24 years old
  6. Bárbara Paola Aranguren Rosique, 24 years old
  7. Briseida Ayala López, 27 years old
  8. Carolina Pérez Martínez, 26 years old
  9. Cora Fernanda Mejia Ramirez, 23 years old
  10. Coralia Vega Jiménez, 28 years old
  11. Cristina Villegas Murillo, 27 years of age
  12. Dania Sanchez Niño, 26 years old
  13. Daniela Mayte Oviedo Torres, 20 years old
  14. Esmeralda Meza Justiniano, 25 years old
  15. Francis Barradas Aguilar, 26 years old
  16. Lucero De Lira Salazar, 24 years old
  17. María Alexia Cruz Parada, 25 years old
  18. María Inés “Agnes” Barreto, 25 years old
  19. Mariana Magdalena “Logue” López Guerrero, 28 years old
  20. María José de la Torre Cerda, 25 years old
  21. María Teresa Arce Romero, 24 years old
  22. Melissa Flores Godinez, 24 years old
  23. Melody Murgía, 21 years old
  24. Nancy Deyanira Gutiérrez Aviña, 22 years old
  25. Romina Esther Sandoval Gutierrez Sandoval, 20 years old
  26. Scandy Michelle Patron Palma, 27 years old
  27. Scarlett Lopez Mercado, 27 years old
  28. Tania Estrada Quezada, 27 years old
  29. Valeria Lopez Villanueva, 24 years old
  30. Xiadani Saucedo Arrieta, 25 years old
  31. Ximena Montiel Wong, 26 years old
  32. Ytana Marina Torres Fernandez, 25 years old
Miss Universe (Miss Universe)
Miss Universe (Miss Universe)