Mexicans assure that figure had tears

  • They claim that a Child of God cries tears of blood
  • Mexican family noticed the fact when they were cleaning
  • “The boy has little tears of blood in his eyes!”

Niño Dios Torreón tears blood. In different situations, cases of religious figures have been revealed that have caused great astonishment to the public, since they cannot explain how this type of event occurs, which many consider a miracle. At the moment a strange event occurred in Mexico that gave us something to talk about.

It was in the city of Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico where a family assured that their Child God shed tears of blood. The family’s Catholic faith filled them with emotion when they saw that their religious figure began to cry, a rather strange fact to see lately, according to El Siglo de Torreón.

A child of God in the city of Torreón cries tears of blood


The owner of the figure, Mrs. Martha Martínez Franco, 64 years old, affirms that she realized the ‘miracle’ last Tuesday, October 26, when she was cleaning her home. It was early in the morning when the figure of the Child God began to cry.

Now with social networks people find out any news about anything, but despite that there is rarely a similar case like this. Undoubtedly many people have too much faith in religious saints that this kind of events where most consider it strange, others believe that it is a miracle.

They consider a miracle that the Child God Torreón cries tears of blood

They consider a miracle that the Child God Torreón cries tears of blood

It is worth mentioning that this event occurred in the neighborhood of Ex Hacienda La Perla in Torreón, Coahuila, inside the Franco family’s home, when the housewife was cleaning her furniture, when she came across the Niño Dios and saw the traces of blood on his face.

Immediately Mrs. Martha told her partner that her holy figure had tears of blood: “The child has tears of blood in his eyes! Yes, look, come,” said the woman. Later a neighbor went to the place to see the event and considered that it was: “a miracle and a warning that is going to give them.”

“I am very Catholic,” said the woman after seeing that the Child God in Torreón cried tears of blood


The woman’s emotion was noticeable in her block, as she immediately told her neighbors about the miracle that occurred at her home: “I went out and spoke to my husband to tell him that my God Child had tears of blood and came running and run… I spoke to a neighbor, a niece from Rancho Alegre came, ”said Mrs. Martha.

“I am very Catholic, I make his relic to San Juditas, I pray to my Virgin of Guadalupe, to my Child God as his godparents left me two years ago, because I told my daughter so that she could put him to bed”, she added, stating that she is a woman of faith and shows it every year by praying to her saints.

“My child God cries tears of blood”


The family showed their emotion to such a degree that they were crying, when they saw the tears in the Child God, that they even dedicated a prayer to him so that the good vibes reach their home: “I felt very beautiful because I said: ‘My boy God cries blood. ‘ I cried and my husband told me: ‘wait old woman, don’t cry, it’s a miracle he’s doing to us,’ “said the lady.

It is worth mentioning that the family has gained popularity in the region and the home has been very visited in the last hours. Neighbors have come to witness the event. In addition, the Mexicans assure that the figure was acquired ten years ago, and mention that they will take this case to the Catholic Church.

They capture a cloud in the form of Christ

Capture cloud form christ: Erick's photography
Photo: Facebook

Previously, a singular photograph that a young Yucatan photographer captured has come to surprise more than one person, due to the way it is seen in the snapshot and has come to create a debate about the veracity of the image and if it is not about a simple movement in Photoshop and not only that, but several people have taken it as a “sign” from heaven.

A young Mexican named Erick Pech shared on his Facebook profile a photograph he took a couple of days ago, which quickly drew attention as many people began to ensure that the image of “Christ” is glimpsed, since the figure that is visualized in the cloud perfectly adapts to the figure of the religious character.

The reason for the picture

They capture a cloud in the form of Christ: The reason for the image
Photo: Facebook

The young man in the caption who posted on Facebook clarifies that the reason behind that photograph was only for the simple and simple reason that he likes to capture sunsets and that is why he had not hesitated to take the snapshot where it is glimpse the cloud in the shape of “Christ” and in the background the beautiful sunset.

“I am a fan of sunsets and every time I see the possibility of taking a good shot I do everything possible to do it.”, Was part of his message in the photo that he posted on social networks, and because it is emotional is that he had ended up capturing the cloud in the shape of “Christ” that caught the attention of all Internet users. Filed Under: Child God Tower Blood

“The shot speaks for itself”

They capture a cloud in the form of Christ:
Photo: Facebook

Erick Pech commented to his “friends” on Facebook that he liked to share photos of sunsets, besides that he does not know if it is a sign, but that there are no further explanations for the shot, since it “speaks” by itself He also said that he had taken it in Yaxcabá, Yucatán at 7:58 pm.

“So I’m sharing this beauty with you, I don’t know if it’s any sign, but the shot speaks for itself,” Erick ended the message, without imagining the impact it would cause among his followers, in which the good comments from the beautiful photo he took, but also of several religious people, who did not hesitate to say what they see. Filed Under: Child God Tower Blood

“Christ is coming soon”

They capture a cloud in the form of Christ:
Photo: Facebook

Among the comments in the image, there are several people who assure that it is a “miracle” on Christ’s part, they also mention that he will “return” soon and that is only the warning, and others only assure that it is a good shot. the one he managed to capture at an unexpected moment, but it has no religious significance.

“It is a very obvious sign”, “Christ is coming soon”, “God with us”, “Whatever but the photo is incredible and both will go down in history”, “For every event a scientific explanation. It depends on how we want to take it. As a simple fact or as a call. It doesn’t happen all the time. ” Filed Under: Child God Tower Blood

The image of the cloud in the shape of Christ went viral

They capture a cloud in the form of Christ: It went viral
Photo: Facebook

Shortly after sharing the photo on his Facebook profile, Eric did not think it would receive so much attention since it quickly became a viral image and on several pages they began to share the shot, mentioning the unforgettable shot he managed to capture, and therefore also earned the criticism of a few, who began to assure that it was “Photoshop”.

Meanwhile, other people also took the comments to mention that it was part of the divine miracle, that the population was being warned about an event that will happen and that is why “Christ decided to appear” in the shot of the young man, so that he could transmit your message to others. Shortly after, the young man clarified that this was not his intention. Filed Under: Child God Tower Blood

“It’s not about Photoshop”

Photo: Facebook

After the criticism that the young man has received, where they mention that it could be a case of Photoshop, he responds and makes it clear that it is not true, it is only part of a strange effect that when seeing the figure of the cloud, the person thinks that resembles some image, person or figure that you know and relate to, but not an arrangement in application.

“Thanks for sharing! An expert in these subjects who studies each image before sharing to confirm that it is not “Photoshop” as many mention. Rather, it is a Pareidolia ”, said the young man after sharing a Facebook post, where the image he took is appreciated and it became a debate. Filed Under: Child God Tower Blood