Mexico against South Korea, tricolor goes to the semifinals of the Olympic Games

  • Mexico’s team triumphed against its South Korean counterpart in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Now the tricolor will face the Brazilian team in the semifinal
  • The game against the orientals was somersaults and a lot of back and forth

The Mexican soccer team advanced to the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, after facing South Korea and beating them by a score of 6-3, so it will now be measured with a similar one from Brazil, according to the news portal of For This.

The tricolor team reached the quarterfinals with high expectations as in their previous match they beat their South African counterpart 3-0, a match that passed with relative ease, as the Bafana Bafana did not represent much danger.


Mexico vs. South Korea
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In this game of the Tokyo Olympics it was back and forth and somersaults, since Mexico started winning 1-0, then came the tie, then the tricolor discounted, scored again and Korea returned the honors in the second half, with great impetus and pride.

Now, after beating South Korea, Mexico must prepare psychologically to face the always strong Brazilian team, but the Aztecs arrive motivated to the fair, after the gold that the team won in London 2012.

Mexico vs. South Korea: STRONG START

Tokyo Olympics
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It was at minute 12 that Mexico took the lead with a play from left to right, in which Alexis Vega sent a ‘poisonous’ center that Luis Romo forwarded with his head so that Henry Martín sent the ball into the nets with a header.

However, their happiness only lasted 8 minutes because then the South Korean team discounted on the feet of Dong-Gyeong Lee who boldly distanced himself from Luis Romo and took a tremendous shot that the tricolor’s goalkeeper, Memo, could not contain. Ochoa.


Mexico vs. Brazil
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The game was a true round trip, as the South Korean team has a style similar to that of Japan, where its players have great speed and physical condition, however, Mexico knew how to contain their attacks well.

So much so that it was in the 29th minute that the tricolor prevailed on the scoreboard again, when Luis Romo controlled a pass from Alexis Vega, and scored a goal that left everyone present astonished and they had a 2-1 advantage. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea


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Almost at the end of the first half, at minute 38 Uriel Antuna receives a foul inside the South Korean area and the maximum penalty was scored. The person in charge of collecting was Sebastián Córdova who undoubtedly sent the ball from the left side to beat goalkeeper Song Bum-Keun.

In the last seconds, Guillermo Ocho had a great intervention before a warning from the Orientals, however, the referee marked the end of the first half, to go to rest with a score of 3-1 in favor of the tricolores. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea

Mexico vs. South Korea: NOTHING DEFINED

Tokyo Olympics
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But after starting the second half, at minute 51, South Korea surprised Mexico when, by chance, Dong-Gyeong Lee found the ball after a rebound and without thinking, he took a powerful shot with which he beat Memo Ochoa.

However, the game was not defined and Mexico never gave in, so 3 minutes later, he got his double, after finishing with his head and his shot hitting the rival on the shoulder and deflecting it for his goalkeeper who could do nothing .

Mexico vs. South Korea: CERTERO SHOT

Mexico vs. South Korea

Photo Getty ImagesTo extend the score, Sebastián Córdova scored two goals in the same game, after an interesting team play, he sent an accurate shot from outside the area that touched the crossbar and embedded itself in the nets.

With this score, Mexico already gave the impression that it was on the right track towards the semifinals, since control of the match was practically theirs, but the Koreans were willing to pay dearly for the defeat against the tricolor.


Tokyo Olympics
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After this, the lagoon player Eduardo Aguirre entered, and it did not take long to take advantage of the opportunity, because after a drop off from Diego Laínez, he sent a pass to the center of the area, where he controlled and took out a crossed rifle.

The goalkeeper could do nothing, so it became a tradition for the lagoon to enter change and score in the Olympic tournament. With that goal Mexico was already winning 6-2 and everything seemed defined, but the Koreans would have one more surprise. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea


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Already in compensation time, the Koreans wanted to step on the accelerator and achieved one more discount on the feet of Hwang Ui-Jo, a play that seemed to have nothing, but that he took advantage of perfectly to get closer to the scoreboard.

However, this attempt was not enough because the score ended 6-3 and with the pass to Mexico, a team that will face the powerful Brazil team in the semifinals next Tuesday morning, to secure a medal. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea


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The rival of Mexico, Brazil, is the current defending champion of the Olympics, because in 2016 they obtained the victory and now they seek to defend it against a tricolor team that arrives more than hopeful after what they achieved in the first phase.

It will not be an easy game, but the experts already see it as an early final, since both teams have shown superiority and category, so a very close match is predicted, but one that is expected to score many goals. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea

Mexico vs. South Korea: GOING AGAINST BRAZIL

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After the somersaults, Mexico ended up winning by a score of 6-3 and with this they secured their place in the semifinals and will face their counterpart from Brazil, a strong team that will not be easy at all and a match that many anticipate as the advanced final.

Mexico is used to being a power in the U-17 and U-20 World Cups, and now it seeks to show that it can repeat the feat achieved in London 2020, but now in the Tokyo Olympic Games where it precisely beat Brazil in the final. Filed Under: Mexico vs. South Korea

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