Mexico agreed with Russia to install a Glonass satellite system which according to the US government has espionage capabilities

Mexico and Russia signed an agreement to install the Glonass satellite system in the country. It was said that Mexico had not given notice, but the Mexican Government informed of the fact on September 28.

This Friday, October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin ratified the intergovernmental agreement with Mexico for cooperation in space research for “peaceful purposes.”

This agreement, signed with the Ministry of International Relations (SRE), was reported on the official website of the Russian government.

Mexico and Russia sign a “peaceful” cooperation agreement with the Glonass satellite system.

According to the document published on the Kremlin portal on October 7, the legal information portal, Russia and Mexico signed a peaceful cooperation agreement within the framework of the war with Ukraine on its 226th day.

This agreement includes the installation of the GLONASS satellite system, which according to the United States, has espionage functions, as well as an optimal electronic system which, according to the document, will serve for the “prevention of dangerous space situations in Mexico.”

This was within the framework of the presentation of the plan to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine with Ukrainian authorities, which, according to the Mexican government, was well received.

“The agreement was prepared and signed in view of the stable trend of expanding cooperation between Russia and Mexico in the space sphere by means of joint projects.”

Russian government

Mexico signed an agreement with Russia at the end of September but has not reported it.

Mexico signed an agreement with Russia on September 28 for cooperation between the two countries in “the space sphere through joint projects.”

The Mexican government did report the agreement. It was disclosed in a communiqué that day.

The agreement foresees installing a Glonass satellite system and an electronic, optical system that could foresee “dangerous space situations” in Mexico.

This agreement creates the legal basis for developing space cooperation between the two countries and for the practical use of space systems and technologies for peaceful purposes.