Mexico hit first: Liga MX stars beat MLS in skills challenges

Mexico hit first: Liga MX stars beat MLS in skills challenges

“Cabecita” Rodríguez defined the challenge in favor of Liga MX.

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The MLS All-Star Game started in great shape for the MX League: at All-Star Skills Challenge, also known as the Skills Challenge, the eight stars of the Mexican league celebrated after beating their rivals in Major League Soccer.

The evening began with a warm greeting between two elements of the Mexican team: Rodolfo Pizarro (Inter Miami) and Rogelio Funes Mori (Monterrey). Rivals on a special occasion.

The challenge began with the shooting duel near the penalty spot. Depending on where the ball went, the teams scored more or less points. MLS took the win comfortably.

Later it was the turn of the challenge of the touch. The players received balls from different places and angles in order to send it to a structure.

Orbelín Pineda He loaded up with Liga MX and his excellent performance led his team to take the most points in the challenge.

MLS again took advantage of the challenge thanks to better definitions in the volley challenge. For each challenge won, five points are added, and for each lost three points.

Hence, MLS was up 13-11 at the time.

In the passing challenge, Diego Valdés and Rubens Sambueza gave a class with very successful touches to match the MLS in challenges won.

Everything would be decided in the challenge of the post.

The score was 17-16 in favor of Liga MX. And from that score the stars of both leagues would set out in search of reaching 25 points with which they would obtain victory. Every shot hitting the post would score one point.

After exchanges of hits when posting by the figures of both stars, it was time to define the skills challenge.

Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez He proved to be a star in all situations by giving the Liga MX victory with a superb hitting the ball that crashed into the post that broke the tie and ended with a magical day of brilliance at the Banc of California Stadium, in Los Angeles.

This Wednesday will be the highlight: the All-Star Game. Despite the absences of Carlos Vela and Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, the match promises emotions and many goals to the delight of the fans.

Will the entire Liga MX take?

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