Mexico is art in Tokyo 2020: with spectacular plays, El Tri thrashed South Korea and is close to the medal in the Olympic Games

Mexico is art in Tokyo 2020: with spectacular plays, El Tri thrashed South Korea and is close to the medal in the Olympic Games

The Mexican team is one step away from fighting for the gold medal and matching their participation in London 2012.

Photo: Miguel Gutiérrez / EFE

El Tri grabbed the brush and began to paint at the Yokohama International Stadium. Mexico beat South Korea 3-6 and will face the Brazilian team for the semifinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Luis Romo and Sebastián Córdova they scored some unmissable goals. Jaime Lozano’s team knew how to recover from the approaches of the Asians.

The first moments of the game were a lot of study and concentration. However, in the second arrival of the Aztec team at minute 12, Luis Romo showed all his generosity and granted a head assist in the area to Henry Martin. The forward of the Eagles of America did not waste his opportunity and scored the first goal of the match.

However, at minute 18 he would come the equality of the whole of South Korea. A very good move from Dong- Kyeong read that he ordered to silence his rivals. Without a doubt, it was a real goal that cut El Tri’s mental clean-up.

Luis Romo, at 29 minutes, gave a real kind of talent. The player managed to control a difficult ball on the run in front of the South Korean goal. Romo kept the ball like a center forward. Control with right leg and left-handed spike. Magnificent definition of the player of “The Machine”. Without a doubt, the best goal of the Olympic Games, so far.

Before the first half was over, Mexico would increase its advantage on the scoreboard. Sebastián Córdova would maintain nerves of steel and managed to fool the goalkeeper in the definition. The South Korean goalkeeper lunged to his left and the ball went to the opposite corner.

Mexico knew how to suffer, but overcame adversity

After a magnificent first half, the South Korean team got dangerously close on the scoreboard. Just 6 minutes into the second half, Dong-Kyeong Lee scored the second goal for the Asians and put the difference in a bit. But nevertheless, three minutes later, Henry Martín scored his second goal of the game and peace of mind for Mexico.

Aztec goals in Tokyo 2020

Jaime Lozano’s team exhibited all their quality in this match. At minute 63, Sebastián Córdova joined the show in the match. After the work of art by Luis Romo, the player of the Eagles of America He was not far behind and scored a left leg bomb that gave El Tri peace of mind.

Lainez entered and influenced

Diego Lainez has been a substitute in the last two matches of El Tri. However, the Real Betis player entered the duel plugged in. The talented player He served an authorization from the right side for Eduardo Aguirre to continue with the party.

“Memo” Ochoa, a leader on and off the pitch

The experienced goalkeeper reinforced this Mexican team. In the previous game, Ochoa showed all his leadership with a motivational speech to his teammates. In the duel against South Korea, he was one of the protagonists to maintain the advantage with multiple saves that kept the rivals at bay.

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