Mexico left the top ten of the FIFA ranking and is still above the United States

Photo: RICARDO MAKYN / Getty Images

The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) updated as every month the ranking of the best teams in the world and The Mexican National Team left the top ten after a negative FIFA date. Now ranked 12th on the listbut still boasts of being above the United States.

El Tri adds 1,649 points after the list published by the highest governing body in world football, with this it is enough to be the best seed in Concacaf in the publication. They went from being in tenth position to twelve, after winning against Nigeria and Suriname, drawing against Ecuador and Jamaica and losing against Uruguay on the last FIFA date.

While the US team went from being in position 15 to 14 and has 1,635 points in the ranking. Those led by Gregg Berhalter beat Morocco and Granada, and also drew against Uruguay and El Salvador in their last matches.

Brazil is the one that commands everything with 1,837 units, it is still anchored at the top due to its good moment in official matches and friendlies. Belgium follows closely behind with 1,821 points. While Lionel Messi’s Argentina, undefeated for more than 30 games, advanced to third place and dropped France to fourth place.

The English close in the top five of the best teams in the world.

The other Central American teams positioned are: Costa Rica, in 34; Panama, in position 61; El Salvador, in position 71; and Honduras in 80th place with 1,299 points.

FIFA Ranking

Brazil 1837.56 .

Belgium 1821.92 .

Argentina 1770.65.

France 1764.85 .

England 1737.46 .

Spain 1716.93 .

Italy 1713.86 .

Netherlands 1679.41.

Portugal 1678.65

Denmark 1665.47

Germany 1658.96

Mexico 1649.57

Uruguay 1643.71

United States 1635.01

Croatia 1632.15

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