Mexico Mother-in-law attempts to kidnap newborn son, but DNA tests reunite mother and child

The young mother trusted her mother-in-law, as she promised to support her in the birth of her son. However, the young mother did not suspect that her mother-in-law already had a terrible plan against her, all in an attempt to retain her boyfriend.

What a (terrible) story this could have been! In Veracruz, Mexico, a mother-in-law snatched her newborn baby from her daughter-in-law, but fortunately, the child was able to return to his mother’s arms.

The victim was named Brenda Lizbeth Canché Castañeda; in an interview for a local media, the woman assured that she had been a victim of violence by her partner, so his mother, her mother-in-law, made her believe that she was on her side and even opened the doors of her house, without ever imagining the terrible plan she had in store.

However, things did not go as planned. Gabriela gave birth and a few days after her baby was born, her mother-in-law stole him. Canché said that she deceitfully asked her to take the baby to the doctor and did not return. What she actually did was take him to the civil registry to register him as her son.

“I trusted her, since she manipulated me and made me believe she had no one else. She took me away from my family and now I know why! From the beginning, she was planning it. She told her boyfriend that she was pregnant; when I had my son, she made him believe that she had had him and she had him at 7 months and my son weighed 3,400 kilos and he believed her,” said Brenda Lizbeth.

Desperately, she filed a complaint with the State Prosecutor’s Office; an Amber Alert was issued to search for the child, and finally, the mother-in-law handed him over to the authorities 3 months after she had taken him. DNA tests were performed and the child’s parentage was confirmed.

“I feel happy! I feel content. I can’t stop smiling; my cheeks hurt. I am happy because I am with my son,” expressed the young mother.

Now, her case is still in the legal process, since the first thing they will have to do is invalidate her birth certificate in order to establish responsibilities against the alleged perpetrators.

Despite everything, Brenda and her little boy, whom she will name Becker, are finally together and await justice.