Mexico provides asylum to Afghan women and media personnel

Mexico provides asylum to Afghan women and media personnel

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard (left) welcomes Afghan women who have applied for asylum in the country.

Photo: Carlos Ramírez / EFE

The Mexican Government received the first citizens of Afghanistan who requested refuge in Mexico, among which are 5 women members of a robotics team, as well as 124 more people who are mostly media personnel.

During the early hours of this Wednesday, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, welcomed the 124 Afghans at the Mexico City International Airport.

“Mexico has decided to support applications of a humanitarian nature, refuge, asylum, humanitarian visa, for people in Afghanistan who have asked to have that humanitarian condition,” he said.

The Mexican Foreign Minister, who was accompanied by the Qatari Ambassador to Mexico, Mohammed Alkuwari, and the Undersecretary of Foreign Relations, Carmen Moreno Toscano, specified that Afghan refugees “especially were working for different media, The New York Times and other media outlets in Afghanistan.”

Through his Twitter account, Ebrard Casaubón shared a video of the arrival of the Afghan journalists in Mexico.

I received reporters and local staff members from various media who have requested humanitarian visas to Mexico on the occasion of the latest events in Kabul, Afghanistan. They arrived with their families, 124 people in total, including minors, after 20 hours of flight, “he said on Twitter.

Yesterday, Tuesday, August 24 in the evening, The Mexican official also received 5 Afghan women from a robotics team at the capital airport, and the partner of one of them, as part of the first refugee applications.

“We may be very distant from what is happening in Afghanistan, but the human cause, the protection of values ​​and the causes that identify Mexicans today, have made us commit ourselves so that they are in Mexico,” he said. .

I am sure that they will be received as they choose, the legal status that they consider best., but they will be received with great affection by the people of Mexico ”, he commented.

Last Wednesday, The Mexican Government announced that it had begun to process the first refugee applications of Afghan citizens after the arrival of the Taliban.

The US newspaper The New York Times highlighted in an article the humanitarian work that Mexico carried out by granting asylum to Afghan citizens.

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