Mexico’s president selects Grupo Frontera for Independence Day celebrations at Zócalo

Grupo Frontera collaborates with Edgar Barrera, earns award nominations, and prepares for performances in Mexico City and a U.S. tour.
  1. Grupo Frontera, originating from Texas friendships, has swiftly climbed the Latin music ladder, gaining international acclaim and recognition.
  2. Their collaborations, especially with producer Edgar Barrera, have shaped their unique sound, leading to numerous award nominations and accolades.
  3. With performances slated for iconic venues like Zócalo and an upcoming U.S. tour, the band’s future shines bright in the global music scene.

From humble beginnings in the Rio Grande Valley, Grupo Frontera has quickly risen to stardom in the Latin music scene. Their journey, filled with collaborations, accolades, and groundbreaking performances, is a testament to their talent and the power of their music.

From Texas Roots to Global Recognition

Grupo Frontera first caught the public’s attention last year with “No se va (en vivo)”. Originating as a hobby among friends in the Valle de Texas, USA, with Mexican roots from Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, they started by creating Norteña and Cumbia versions of other artists’ songs on YouTube.

Their breakthrough moment came with their cover of “No se va”, originally by Colombian group Morat. This caught the attention of renowned Mexican producer and songwriter Edgar Barrera, who reached out to collaborate. “Un x100to” was one of the original songs Barrera offered, which later garnered them significant recognition.

Accolades and Achievements

This year, Grupo Frontera not only won the Latin AMA (Latin American Music Awards) for Best Regional Song for “No se va (en vivo),” but they also received 15 nominations for the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Among these nominations, their track “Bebé dame” with Fuerza Regida is in the running for “Hot Latin Song” of the year, and their collaboration with Bad Bunny on “Un X100to” earned four nods, including Regional Mexican Song of the Year.

“We’re living the dream, thanks to God and the audience who placed us in this position. We’re so grateful, and we’ll continue to bring great music,” said lead vocalist Adelaido Solís III, “Payo.”

Collaborations and Musical Evolution

Their debut album, “El comienzo”, released at the beginning of August, saw them working with Edgar Barrera since the previous November. The group deeply connected with Barrera, sharing the same Norteña culture from Mexico. “He understands us, and we understand him,” Payo mentioned, adding, “He knows the style of music we grew up with and tried to create.”

The album features a rich tapestry of collaborations. From Carin León in “Que vuelvas” to Grupo Firme in “El amor de su vida” and the Argentine cumbia group Ke Personajes in “Ojitos rojos”. About the latter collaboration, percussionist Julián Peña mentioned, “I’ve been listening to them… I told them ‘please! We have to do it.’ I love their music.”

A Bright Future Ahead

In a significant acknowledgment of their rising stature, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Grupo Frontera would be the main act for the Independence Day celebrations on September 15th at Zócalo in Mexico City. This venue and date have previously seen performances from iconic artists such as Los Tigres del Norte and Lila Downs.

Before this landmark concert, the group is set to perform on August 31st and September 1st at Arena Monterrey. Their U.S. tour in October includes stops in Miami, El Paso, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.

“It still feels like a dream. Sometimes we do something amazing, and it takes weeks or days to realize it because everything happens so quickly,” reflected Payo. With their undeniable talent and momentum, the future looks promising for Grupo Frontera.