Mhoni Seer in September gives his predictions and amazes everyone

  • Mhoni Vidente makes predictions of what will happen in September
  • Everything will happen after 9-11 and warns of tragic events
  • It says that everything is linked to one thing or another

The Cuban Mhoni Vidente reveals everything that will happen in the world after the commemoration of September 11 when the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers occurred, so she surprised everyone with her predictions on her YouTube channel.


He assures that the attacks in New York have a meaning, since from space this city appears as number 66, since that is the coordinate that it has in the world, in addition to that almost all buildings have that number that means that of the beast.


Mhoni Seer in September
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“They say that from there the island will mark the history of humanity where all religions, all languages ​​and all the people of the world come together, and as a warning, it indicates that something bad is coming for these days to come.

So pay attention to what is coming and the moments that humanity will live after September 11, since good morning is not coming, according to the astrologer who points out that the worst is yet to come for some countries.


Terrorist attacks
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Without further ado, the Cuban woman issued the warning when the letter came out of the tower, which predicts terrorist attacks in various parts of the world. One of them would be in the Eiffel Tower, in France, as well as in the Arc de Triomphe, in Spain, Turkey.

He also says that there will be attacks in airports, in New York, in Boston, Miami, Los Angeles as well as in Mexico, since he assures that the Taliban do not want to be dominated and want to control the whole world with their attacks. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer in September

Mhoni Vidente in September: WHAT PLACES WILL THEY ATTACK?

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But he reveals that all this that the Taliban seek will be with the help of the Russians, Chinese and other world leaders who will remain hidden in anonymity, and everything will be done in the name of God and Muhammad, he says.

“They want to continue ruling, they want revenge after 20 years of killing their leaders and they want to spread terror throughout the world. They want to knock down the bridges, the trains and the subway, so you have to start taking all the precautions, “he says.


Mhoni Seer in September
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And this is where he says that those allies will be willing to start the third world war, but without specifying a date or the countries that would be rivals, but it does not end there, he already makes stronger predictions.

He assures that this September there will be revolutions, attacks on world leaders, coups, independence to change the thinking of young people and overthrow governments around the world and upset the people. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer in September


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He speaks that the change of thought is to liberate peoples from oppressive governments since the letter of justice comes out along with the letter of the emperor and that these movements will be in Latin America and here it says which countries.

They will be “Mexico (from that continent) as well as the United States and others from Asia, there will be threats against dictators and presidents, as well as the resignation of leaders who will be pressured by the movements of the peoples. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer in September

Mhoni Vidente in September: REACTIONS


But then he reveals very serious news, he says that the death of Cuba’s leader, Raúl Castro, is coming, as well as that of President Daniel Ortega, as well as the death of one of the rulers of Venezuela as well as the resignation of a Mexican president. .

“Let’s hope for these changes, which will be positive,” he says, in addition to asking people to prepare, since those that come will be good movements, but they will have negative consequences such as those already explained.


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Regarding the climate, the Cuban warned that very powerful hurricanes are coming, almost all of category 6 and that they will be generated in the Atlantic and the Pacific. He says there will be two more in late September or early October, so the rains will follow.

Although he said that “the worst is yet to come, an earthquake such as the movement of all the tunes and energies of the world has never seen, these earthquakes will change the history of humanity, almost 10 degrees (magnitude), moving the poles and the axis from the earth”.


Mhoni Seer in September
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But he assures that “this earthquake is going to be the trigger for all earthquakes around the world, you have to be prepared, it is the month of earthquakes, it is the month that is ruled by the divine … and the cold begins early” .

“The fall of a meteorite in the ice area is visualized, a fireball will fall in the middle of the city, it will detonate the changes in a country”, although he did not say in which nation this will happen, so he asked to be attentive to everything this. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer in September

Mhoni Vidente in September: WHAT ELSE WILL HAPPEN?


Earlier in his predictions he said that “After the seventh day of September the revelations will be given, the seven trumpets in heaven. It means that the seven archangels each in their total work will begin to give the sign of the 7 trumpets. These signals are going to begin to be heard in different parts, in matters of climates, huge earthquakes, storms and hurricanes like never before ”.

All this will happen after September 7 where he also states that there will be solar storms, where the sun will be stronger than ever in different parts of the world. “I visualize three days of darkness in the whole world, then the whole light will come out for Luzbel”, says the astrologer in her predictions.


Earthquakes and hurricanes

But he also warned in his predictions: “The letter of death and the letter of the devil tell me that the antichrist was born, but his revelation will be until the year 2031. But from September 7 onwards until 2031 the heads of the beast are going to start coming out from Asia, Africa, America, Europe, from certain parts of the world ”, were the words of the psychic.

The so mentioned 7 heads of the devil according to Mhoni will be leaders that will be emerging from different parts of the world to rule all people. These leaders are the rebirth of the antichrist and will begin to reign after September 7 in every way. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer in September

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